Reposted from @imjohanjulianlee – She was a family friend that wanted to do PT for Muaythai. Juggled her roles as a mom of two, an entrepreneur, a business owner & her training. 
Works from 4am till 5pm, trains from 7pm till 10pm, goes home for her kids, sleeps for about 2 hours & ready again to open her shop at 4am. Never missed class, always came for sparring & get smashed by the boys. 
Yet never did she ever say: “I think I want to stop” or say “Coach, Im tired.”… Everyone in the gym saw her grow & showed up. 
I always felt women had it hardest as a fighter… the time of the month, the role as a wife / mom, the sacrifices, the responsibilities as a business owner & society’s view about women in combat sport… I have nothing but respect for that kind of dedication. She did well in her debut fight & got in the finals with a seasoned pro. Her results to me did not matter as I know this is in itself a “life time learning experience”.

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