21 DEC 2019 the biggest Kickboxing fight to end 2019: #GLORY 74 or dubbed Collision 2 saw Rico Verhoeven retain his heavyweight belt.
But it was not a glorious win as it ended with his long time rival & opponent Badr Hari injured his leg in round 3 and could not continue.
It was like deja vu when in 2016 in Collison 1, Badr also lost by TKO due to a hand injury.
On Sat night, Badr was doing well. Knocking down Rico in round 1. Rico came back for a close 2nd round. In 3rd round, Badr again knocked down Rico, this time with a head kick. He continued his attack after the count and executed a back spin kick that landed, but he fell after the kick and could not get up. The ref gave the count but wave it off at the count of 4 for a TKO lost to Badr. ( you can watch the fight here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEb_LZtNS0E ).
It was certainly a devastating lost for Badr. The two embraced in the end and it was good to see the respect they gave each other.
We hope Badr recover fast & fully and perhaps gave us a trilogy.

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