At the Tokyo 2020/2021 Summer Olympics Games Opening ceremony. Combat sports athlete ( TaeKwon-Do ) Pita Taufatofua made a splash when he entered the stadium wearing his traditional Tongan native clothing. Wearing what the Tongan call taovala, but shirtless that showed off his muscular body.
This is not the first time he did this. Pita did the same in his first Olympic appearance in 2016 Rio summer Olympics, in which he also represented Tonga in TaeKwon-Do. Amazingly the 2nd time he did so was in 2018 in The PyeongChang ( South Korea ) 2018 Winter Olympics. He competed in Cross Country skiing, a huge achievement as his homeland Tonga, which is a Pacific island, never ever experience snow.
At 37 this year Pita is not just athletically gifted but academically also did well as he holds an engineering degree and is currently pursuing his Master. He is also very active in charity work, working to help the homeless and is a UNICEF ambassador.
Last night, during the Parade of Nation ceremony, Pita enter the Tokyo Olympic stadium bearing the Tongan flag together with Malia Paseka. The first Tonga female TaeKwon-Do athlete. At 19 years old, She qualified early last year by winning gold in the Women’s 67kg division at the World Taekwondo Oceania 2020 Olympic Qualifications tournament held in Australia. She also claimed gold and bronze medals at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

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