The story of Bobby Green.

Bobby Green just picked up a win over Nasrat Haqparast in UFC271. He is set to replace Beniel Dariush to fight Islam Mackhachev in UFC Fight Night 202.

He is a veteran in the sports with more than 40 fights. He was champion of King of the Cage & then move on to Strikeforce & eventually UFC in 2013.
Growing up, his mother was a drug addict. His dad was in the gang.
He remember being so hungry, he even eat dirt.
His mother gave him and his brother away, they were taken in by their grandma.
To Bobby, his grandma was everything to him. She died when she was in her 50s, so his whole motivation is to make his grandma proud.

At 13 years old, his younger brother joined the gang. Bobby did not want to walk the same path.
He picked up wrestling in high school & learn quickly & excel. He became friends with John Ballestero & when his grandma died, the authorities wanted to put Bobby in the foster system,… but John ask his parents to let Bobby stay with them and the Ballestero adopted him.

It was after he won a wrestling match convincingly that a friend suggest that he do MMA.
After realising the guy he beat up in that wrestling match was also fighting for a MMA belt, he knew he also can do it.

Two weeks of crash course training in striking, but equip with his excellent wrestling skills, Bobby enter his first fight & won. That’s how his fighting career started.

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In his debut in UFC, he fought Volkman whom was on a 8 fight win streak. Bobby demolised Volkman& end the fight with RNC & got a fight bonus for his effort.

in 2014, Bobby’s brother was killed a drive by shooting. Just when Bobby was about to go pick him upto go watch a fight. He was wreck emotionally. In July, he was offered a big fight vs Josh Thompson. A big name. Bobby was not sure but motivated by fighting in honour of his brother’s name, he fought valiantly and won a hard fought split decision.

At 35 this year, Bobby has step up to take arguably the biggest fight of his career by facing Islam Makhachev. Islam is on a tear with 9 win streak and touted to be the no.1 challenger to the Lightweight title.A win over Islam will certainly put attention to Bobby’s name.