Yup you do get guys like this, after watching a big events immediately go crazy about martial arts.But many of the so call real martial artist may diss this type of fans.

But the reality is casual fans may become hard core fans one day. They may be so interested in fights that they sign up for a class in a local gym.

Even if they don’t sign up for class, even if they just becomes fans, the reality is many times casual fans are the ones willing to pay for live PPV shows, buy tickets for events, buy and collect merchandise, buys the products sponsoring the fighters, etc

They may at times make un-inform remarks in social media, some may think its stupid, but its people like these that is keeping the interest in events and create followings and fan base for fighters and gyms.

I bet you have heard of many stories from famous and successful fighters recall how Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan sparks their interest?

So don’t think casual fans does not contribute, they are an important part of the fight business… let’s work together to keep casual fans interested so that the combat sports industry can grow.

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