ONE Championship Unbreakable 2.Chen Rui vs Kwon Won Il was a bantamweight war.I always feel like ONE Championship fights have many early stoppages, but this bout was not one of it.
Starting in round 1, both strikers went at it with bombs in their hands but Kwon’s brought the fight to the ground and advanced to mounted position rained down barrages of strikes, so many strikes that I thought the referee might call it off, but Chen weather the storm and was able to stood up towards end and deliver a few strikes of his own.
Round 2 was a feast of strikes, Kwon showed great boxing and connected many solid punches to Chen’s face. Chen lived up to his nick name of ‘The Ghost’ as he seems to be an undead, Kwon simply couldn’t knock him out as Chen eat those punches left & right. At one point, Kwon look tired and Chen took opportunity to hit a few shots hof his own.
Round 3, Kwon played it smart, knowing Chen’s head is hard as a rock and could take all his best punches, a solid body shot finally crumpled Chen for a TKO win for the South Korean ‘Pretty Boy’
Kwon dedicate this win to his mother for her birthday and was so elated that he call out John Lineker for his next fight.
Let’s make this happen ONE Championship

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