October is Ultimate Beatdown month. On 13 Oct, UB30 just concluded in Johor Bahru, which saw Arthur “Tazmania Devil”Adre won the Flyweight Super-4 championship.

Come Saturday 27 Oct, Ultimate Beatdown will move to the east to Kota Kinabalu Sabah for it’s 31st edition or Ultimate Beatdown Borneo 2.
Ultimate Beatdown Borneo (UBB) evolved from Jesselton Fight League founded by Rayner Kinsiong. UBB had it’s first event in May this year at the brand new mall in Penampang – ITCC with mixture of amatuer MMA, boxing and kickboxing and pro MMA fight.
UBB 2 will be held in ITCC again on 27 Oct, this time it will be held in the centre concourse bringing the fights more exposure to the public. For you to enjoy the action closer, get yourself cage side table ticket at only RM50. Tickets still available, call 019 8128379 to get yours now.
Plenty of action will happen in the UBB cage.. Fight will start at 2pm with amatuer fights. There will be MMA, Kickboxing & Cage Boxing bouts.
1. Fahmi Sarto 82kg (Karabaw KK) vs  Wan Ruzahar heavyweight (Karabaw Sipitang)
2. Ajratul Ajmain 61kg (Karabaw Labuan)  vs Wilson Tan 61kg (NDW Sarawak)
3. Dayat (Khalifa MMA Brunei) vs Ted (Evolve MMA Singapore)
4. Ashvin Singh ( Impact MMA Singapore) vs Koo Jin Fouh (Project Mayhem Brunei)
1. 38 kg  Azman (Karabaw) vs Mohd Noor Hafiz (Ds’ha)
2. 50kg  Persley (Karabaw) vs Hillary Samuel Chin (D’sha)
3. 35kg  Pilbert (Karabaw) vs Khairi bin Yusuf (D’sha)
4. 38kg  Elzy (Karabaw) @adek vs Nursyafiqah Naziha (D’sha)
5. 40kg  Karwai (Karabaw) vs Muhd Farhan (D’sha)
6. 42kg   Ibak (Karabaw) vs MOhd Safwan (D’sha)
7. 47kg   Eva (Karabaw)  vs putri Nur Fatin (D’sha)
8. 28 kg  KitKat (Karabaw)  vs Mohd Shazwan (D’sha)
9. 20kg   Adden (Karabaw) vs Syed Amirul (D’sha)
10. 24kg  Avel (Karabaw) vs Putri Nur Balqis (D’sha)
1. Rasyiid 60kg (KK Boxer) vs Danial Chia 60kg (Dr Martial Arts, UITM)
2. Abu Bakar Melin 70kg (Dr Martial Arts, UITM) vs Marcellus Lee 70kg (Karabaw KGU)
3. Aaron Erik 78kg (Dr Martial Arts, UITM) vs Dylan 78kg (Revo)
4. Henson khoo 60kg (KK Boxer) vs Efrayanle Jodin 62kg (Revo)
5. Ashraf Shafiqrie 55kg (Karabaw Sipitang) vs Jorvan  Jonest 54kg (Revo)
6. Sharifah 55kg (Fitlab) vs Wong shy zen (D’sha) 55kg
7. Norbert Nowell 55kg (Fitlab) vs Nizar bin Arshad 55kg (Karabaw Sipitang)
8. Farah Zeehan 52kg (Fitlab) vs . Evon Tan 50kg  (NDW Sarawak) female
9. Muaz Aizat 45kg (Karabaw Sipitang) vs Haziq Izzudin 48kg (Karabaw Tamparuli)
10. Ady Erawan 52kg (Karabaw Tamparuli) vs Mohd Nurhisyam 55kg (Karabaw Sipitang)
11. Allan Goh 61kg (NDW Sarawak) vs Mohd Farhan Darwis 60kg (Karabaw Tamparuli)
12. Muhd Syahruzfikry 55kg (Karabaw Sipitang) vs Mohd Aliff Iqbal 55kg  (Fitlab)
13. Asmawati 59kg (Karabaw Papar) vs Jie Han 59kg (D’sha)
1. Roderick Kwan 65kg (Rhino)  vs Mohd Fari 64kg (Fitlab)
2. Ghause 59kg ( Brunei, House of Fitness) vs Wesley Oliver 60kg (Karabaw Tamparuli)
3. Muhammad Faiz 53kg (Bunei, House of fitness) vs Jayrol John 52kg (Fitlab)
4. Jassica Chong 57kg (KF) vs Zubaidah binti Zainoh 57kg (Brunei TBC gym)( Female)
5. Steve Kong 75kg (Sarawak, Knight) vs Muhammad Hafiz 83kg (Revo)
6. Mohd Rifqi 52kg (Fitlab)  vs Mohd Hilmi 52kg (Revo)
7. Erikson 57kg (Rhino) vs Muhammad Fakhri 54kg (Brunei, House of Fitness)
8. Fathullah 65kg (Fitlab) vs Ednan 65kg (Underdog Street Boxing)
9. Mohd Syairil Sabri 60kg (Karabaw Tamparuli) vs Aswadi 60kg (Underdog Street Boxing)
Then following that for the 2nd edition of UBB a new format has been introduced. For the first time in this region a 5 vs 5 no gi submission only grappling match will be held inside a cage. Two teams will compete, Fluffy Unicorn  vs Powerpuff Ponies.
Team art design by John Augustine Lee
Don’t let the cute names fool you, these are bunch of killers! And they will be going for submission all day!
Team Fluffy Unicorn is made up mostly of Sarawakian and two Bruneian. Notably Nathaniel Lakai, he is MIMMA5 Lightweight Champion. His brother Nigel is an active martial artist competing successfuly in BJJ, MMA & Kickboxing. The two Zaim from Brunei and Raphael Moa of Sarawak are high level accomplished grapplers.
As for Team Powerpuff Ponies , they are all from Sabah. Most of them with high credentials in MMA. Samuel Lai is MIMMA3 Semi-finalist & JFL Finalist. Hasbullah is JFL Bantamweight champion. Joel is MIMMA5 Semi-finalist. Alex Fong is a pro fighter with ONE Warrior Series. As for Anrian he is a highly skilled grappler winner of various regional grappling competition.
There are 2 co main event to whipped up your appetite for pro MMA fights.
For male fight, Sabahan Mohd Rashidin will bang it out again vs Filipino Jayson Margallo. This is a rematch. They first met in Philipine’s Cage Wars: Battle of Legazpi in August. In that fight Jayson broke his 4 fight losing streak by a round 1 submission over Rashidin.
Usually Rashidin is a colourful fighter that always play it smooth during fight. But in Legazpi that day he seems not himself and was very stiff & looks nervous, hence losing the fight early in round 1. Both agree to a rematch  and will be now in Rashidin’s homeland with his supporters boosting his spirit by the cage side.
For female fight, it’s Magdelina Meding of Karabaw Labuan vs A’bell Angian of Rhino from Sabah.
This will be Mag’s 2nd pro fight. She is Sarawakian but represent Karabaw Labuan. She debut at the same event with Rash; Cage Wars. In that bout, she went through a hard fought 3 round that ended not in her favour. She is back to redeem her record and A’bell is in her way.
A’bell @ Cyvilnie Angian is from Inanam. She has a day job as a pre-school teacher in training base in Keningau. At night she trains like a women possessed, at Rhino Fitness Kickboxing and Muaythai under Kru Jonathan Quan and Ranjit. This is A’bell’s 1st MMA Pro fight. She is strong in her stand-up arsenal. She has a record fight of more than 10 times in amateur Muaythai & semi‐pro Muaythai and also in K1 Kickboxing tournament. She was selected to represent Sabah in Borneo Cup 2017 Muaythai tournament. She is still new in grappling but is willing to take up the challenge.
The night will climax with the main card. Pro MMA between Eazy Anuar of Khalifa MMA – Brunei vs Jess Delapena of Tribal Submission – Philipines.
Eazy is considered the father of MMA & BJJ in Brunei. He is credited as the one that kept BJJ alive in Brunei and brought it to the next level. He started BJJ many years back as a off season activity when he is not playing rugby. He love it so much that when his instructor left, he decided to teach even though he was still a white belt.
Through teaching, sharing & actively competing, Eazy has improve his own game tremendously and has won numerous grappling tournament around the region, notably Singapore Grappling Challenge, Pan Asia, Philipines Open, Copa de Malasia, Bangkok Open, KK Luta Livre championship belt, finished 8th in Vegas BJJ World’s masters.
Eazy is also well verse in stand up too. He holds a 9-0 undefeated boxing record. He coached and mentored many  Bruneian MMA prospect. Early this year, he open his own gym – Khalifa MMA , quit his demanding government job and at 33 this year, he felt it’s about time for him to accomplish another dream – fighting pro MMA.
Jess has 1-4-0 pro MMA record and gain all of his 5 fight experience fighting in Philipines. UBB2 will be his first fight outside Philipines. He is very excited to showcase his skill to the fans in Borneo and promise to bring the fight to Eazy.
In their face-off on Friday night in BESS ( Borneo E-darts Sports Society ) Eazy and Jess had an aggressive head push session. Will this be the sign for a all out fight in the UBB cage? COme and find out for yourself. OK after reading this move your butts to ITCC Mall and witness UBB2 !

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