Superfight of Rayner Kinsiong from Sabah vs Mikael Sjogren of Sweden.
Great fight expected from this match up.

Rayner Kinsiong is a well know martial artist from Sabah. He is a ex National Karate champion and a ONE FC MMA fighter. Rayner also is the head coach for Team Karabaw. The gym he set up has grown leaps and bounds with few branches set up outside Kota Kinabalu.

This is actually Rayner first muaythai fight. He was schedule to fight at D1FC – Rise Above the Rest in June but due to technicalities it didn’t materialised. So he is definately itching for a fight as after all the training and preparation, he needs to let it all out.

Mikael defeated Rayner’s student Syafiq Akmal in the last D1FC – Rise Above the Rest.
So Rayner will be out to show what the master knows best.

Rayner is a busy man. Aside from being occupied by organising Jesselton Fight League ( the 1st MMA tournament in East Malaysia ), he also need to lead & coach his Team Karabaw students that qualified for MIMMA 3 Semi Finals this weekend. He also just got married in early July. Plus the attention he has to put in looking after the expansion of his gym. That really is a whole load of stuff, not counting his own traning for this fight.

Rayner and the competitor at JFL
Rayner leading the Sabah team for Piala TYT /Piala Borneo muaythai tournament in Sibu Sarawak
Leading his little Karabaws for MIMMA3

In this busy busy schedule of his, Rayner granted his time for Warriors of Borneo for a short interview.

Hi Sensei Rayner. you have been very busy lately with your wedding, coaching your fighters for MIMMA Semis, Karabaw Gym expansion,…how does this affect your own preparation for D1FC?
Yes, I have been busy multi tasking for a while now. You forgot to mentioned …busy about JFL. All I can say is I am doing my best to make time for training. Training my boys and for myself too. In time all these hard work will be put to the test, and I am very happy doing what I love. But most of all…I have a very supportive wife and parents which keeps me motivated

You have seen Mikael fight Syafiq in KK, what is your take on his fighting style? and what is your game plan?
I’m going to take him down and Ground & Pound to get the Win!….hehehe just kidding.
Mikael is a good fighter and I am honoured to fight him.
My game plan will be…to unleash the KARABAW in me and enjoy the fight as much as I can and put up a great performance for everyone.

You are still attached contratually to ONE FC, will you be focusing on muaythai now?
I am very happy multitasking as long as it’s a fight, muaythai or MMA I will jump on it. Although muaythai is closer to my base because it’s a standing game. But I can’t deny my love for MMA.

Do you see fighting in muaythai fitting more of your karate background compare to MMA?
Obviously yes. Because I have been fighting since my teens “standing”. But I always considered myself a beginner in MMA or any kind of martial art for that matter. In fact, I always tell my boys and girls to keep their ego aside when it comes to learning. No one can be too good that they can stop learning.

What is your muaythai fight records?
Zero! This is my debut fight. Although I am a khan 4 instructor in muaythai, I got my khan 4 in the World Muaythai Championship in Langkawi.

Thank you Rayner for your time. All the best to you!
Thank you

As for Mikael he is a Swede that works in Penang as an engineer. This father of 2 young children fell in love with muaythai after taking it up in Penang Top Team and it has now become his passion.

Mikael is new to muaythai, records of 2 Fights W – 2 L – 0 D – 0
But he is a fast learner and has good technical skills.

Fighting Syafiq Akmal in D1FC – Rise Above the Rest in June 2015. Winning the fight by TKO

Let’s get to know him a little bit better.

Hi Mikael.

You are representing Penang Top Team right? How long have you been in Malaysia? and why in Penang?
Yes, Penang Top Team. I have been 3 yrs in Penang as an expatriate working for an American company which opened a factory on Penang about 5 yrs ago

How long have you been practicing Muay Thai?
I always been fascinated by Muay Thai and I love all kinds of martial artsDid some Karate in my younger days.

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I started with Muay Thai about 2 yrs ago here in Malaysia.
And now it is my greatest passion in life
Love the sport.
On this last week leading to fight, what is the preparation like? Light sparring? or winding down?
Had my last sparring session yesterday, ( 24.7.15)  I don’t want to injure myself so close to the fight
Last week will be mostly cardio and light pad work

Do you do your research on Rayner? what’s your game plan?
I haven’t researched much, I know that he has an impressive karate background and that he is fighting MMA in ONE FC.

This is his first Muay Thai fight but he has tons of more fighting experience than me so I have lot of respect for him.

My game plan is to avoid his karate kicks, I will probably try to stay close to him and rely on my knees and elbows

Are you married? got kids? If yes, how do u divide between work, family & traning?
I have a family with 2 kids that live with me here in Malaysia. They are very supportive as they know that Muay Thai is my passion

My work is daytime and training after work or night time. Sometimes I do some running in the morning before going to work

I frequently travel to Thailand for training and my first fight was exactly 1 yr ago in Phuket

I also travel frequently to my favorite gym in Krabi as well, Aonang Stadium Gym

What makes u passionate about MT? Is it d philosophy, training, technique, culture?
I would say all of it
History, culture, training, technique, people, fighting … everything

I used to watch the fights and I was amazed how they could stand and trade kicks and punches like nothing happend

I like the mind game
I wanted to be one of the “men of stone”

I look up to anyone that is brave enough to get in the ring and fight

Compare between M’sia & Sweden how is MT training, skills & talent , whats the diffrence?
I have never trained MT in Sweden, I started in Malaysia. Only trained and fought in Thailand and Malaysia but there are some big names from Sweden fighting MT but most if them live in Thailand

I would say that the Swedish MT style is something between traditional MT and kickboxing

My style is traditional to Bang MT

(Bang MT is a system developed by a guy with name Ludwig. He coached T.J. Dillashaw to win the bantamweight belt in UFC )

Whats your fav Msian food? Do u find preparation for fight is tough with choice of Malaysian food?
Since I live in Penang I can’t say what favorite food since there is so many but I like hawker food the most
No problem with choices of food before fight in Penang, there’s many choices
The problem with Malaysian food is that they like to use a lot of sugar and fat but there are healthy some choices too
My diet is mostly proteins and slow carbs and healthy fats

Your nick name , Matrix, what’s the meaning?
I am not a big fan of the movie but the story is… both my children are born on 25 Dec, the same day as Jesus. I felt that someone in the sky wanted me to be more religious… naming my son Jesus would not be so accepted in Europe and everyone would pick on him. I named my son Neo from the main character and the man who save humanity in the movie Matrix and the name also means new. I tattooed my back with a Matrix tattoo with my both children’s name and birthdate in it. There of my fight name Matrix and it looks and sounds nice with my name… Mikael ‘The Matrix’

Will Mikael execute the Matrix move to avoid Rayner’s punches?,…come to D1Fc and see for yourself

Any message for Rayner?
To Rayner I just want to say all the best and lets give the fans a great show

Any message for fight fans coming to watch D1FC?
I want to thank D1FC and especially Nazri and Musaddik for giving me the opportunity to fight in this awesome event
I want to thank the fans for their great support and I promise them I will give my all to give them an exciting fight

Wishing you all the best for D1FC
Thanks Warriors of Borneo


On the line for D1FC Title Belt, will be a Borneon affair.

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Randall ‘RF Slayer’ Kadayum from Sabah will fight Heendrew ‘Cangkul maut ‘ Lois.

Randal’s Muaythai record:
6 Fights W – 6 L – 0 D – 0

Achievements :

  • D1FC: Rest Above The Rest Champion 60kg, 2015
  • D1FC: The Rise of Rhino Warriors Best of Sabah 60kg, 2015
  • D1FC: Rhino Warrior. The New Era Champion 60kg, 2014
  • D1FC: Rhino Warrior Super 4 Champion 60kg, 2014
Randall works as pizza delivery crew by day and a muaythai instructor by night at Kinabalu Fighters.
As a kid he love to watch boxing and martial art in TV and movies, as a high school students in SMK Bahang, KK Randall did some Taekwondo and karate but his thirst for full contact martial art came when few years back a muaythai coach from Kelantan came to Sabah to give a seminar.
He was hooked with muaythai. He save up some money and went to Labuan to learn further from coach Alvin Chong of Borneo Combat Gym.
Randall currently is a ISKA level 2 instructor.
To him the recipe for success in a fight is the training.
” If my opponent trains hard, I will train harder!”
Randall comes from an active family, his father was into atheletics and his elder brother coaches futsal in Tambunan. Randall’s wife is a undefeated boxing champion in Sabah.
with his wife Stephanie
with his wife Stephanie and mentor Alvin Chong -Borneo Combat Gym ( R)
Randall’s training includes strenght and conditioning at PX5 under Hadie Affendie in Likas.
This he believe gives him the extra advantage in endurance & strenght to outlast his opponents.
If his strikes doesn’t get them his conditioning will wear them out.
under watchful eye of Hadie of PX5, his S&C coach
In the final weeks leading to the fight, Randall is taking it easy to prevent injury; but he is watching his diet carefully to ensure he make weight. Even though his normal weight is 60kg, but he wants to eat clean to make sure he is in peak condition when the fight comes.
Randall believes taking multi vitamins helps him in this too especially recovery from a hard day of training. He takes USANA brand of multi vits.
As for relaxing and unwinding, this fighter is a heavy metal fans and he plays the drums during his non training days. His favourite music…. he plays to the head banging songs of Slip Knot and Avenged Sevenfold.
Will The Slayer slay the “cangkul maut”, let’s find out this weekend.
Another D1FC Title belt is featuring a Malaysian well know muaythai fighter Qhalid Saripan ( Harry Gym )
He will be fighting against Chen Wee ( Dragon Muaythai ).
Qhalid is no strangers to the local muaythai scene.
Fight records : 90 Fights W – 79 L – 6 D – 5
Achievements :
  • Champion Title Belt Kedah 54kg, 2015
  • Champion 54kg, Z1 Championship 2014
  • Malaysian Athlete Silver medalist Asean Game in Vietnam 2012
This Kedah boy is only 26 years old but already has been active fighting for the last 10 years.
He now works as a personal trainer, and sometimes moonlight as a bodyguard.
Fighting Chen Wee, Qhalid said he will be more alert and careful this time as he knows ‘Dragon Boy’ is out to avenge his lost previously by decision.
In his last week of preparation. His easing off hard sparring and focusing on certain techniqes that he will use against Chen Wee. As a muslim, in July he has to fast in the holy month of Ramadhan. Does this affect his training? He is rather use to it as he has been doing this for years.
As a boy growing up in Kuala Ketil, Kedah, Qhalid often seen muaythai ( or Tomoi in malay ) competition being organised regularly. The regular exposure eventually inflence him to take up the art.
In his muaythai career he is appreciative of White Tiger Kickpro that lay the foundation for his techniques. Musaddik of Boxxtomoi also has help him a lot in sponsorship. And Z1 International President, Zahari of Kedah has also given him guidance and many opportunity to fight.
His message to Dragon Boy.

“Tunggu di D1FC kita jumpa. Atas kita lawan bawah kita lawan”

To all fight fans, still not too late to grab yourself a tickets to this awesome event
To all the muaythai Warriors fighting at D1FC this weekend, wishing you all the best. Give us all a good show!
To the organisers, Dihnar Group and Persatuan Muaythai Kuala Lumpur…thank you for bringing together this awesome fight cards.
Let the show begins!