D1FC Rhino Invasion this coming 1-2 Aug 2015, have lined up some awesome match up.
The organisers managed to bring in accomplished and exciting fighters from Thailand, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden and of course not forgetting the local Malaysian muaythai pro fighters.

One of the highlights is Jom Kitti vs Rafi Bohic. This this for World Muaythai Council – D1FC Title Belt at Junior welterweight division

Jom Kitti is a Thai national representing Muaythai Fitness Lab of Kuala Lumpur
where he is also the head coach there.
At 34 years old, he is a veteran with over 500 fights in his records.
Some of his pass achievement includes:

  • WBC Champion 124lbs (Sapa Muay Thai) 1999
  • King’s Cup Champion 1999
  • Bangla Stadium Champion 2009, 2010, 2011
  • F3 Muaythai Champion, Malaysia 2012
Jom Kitti coaching his students in Muaythai Fitness Lab in K.L.
Raphael ( Rafi ) Bohic is a french, fighting out of Phuket Singpatong Gym, one of the best muaythai gym in Thailand.
Rafi winning the Max Muaythai Superfight belt
This 24 years old fighter carries a record of 54 Fights : W – 47 L – 0 D – 1 (21 K.Os),
His accomplishment includes:
  • WMC Champion
  • Max Muaythai Champion
  • Phuket Champion
  • France Champion
  • Lumpinee Undefeated Fighter
So who are you rooting for? The veteran Jom Kitti or the young gun Rafi?
Another WMC -D1FC title belt for welterweight will see the Sabahan base Thai – Bow Suweilek vs Florian Breau from France.
Bow winning the D1FC title belt at Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu in June 2015
Bow Suweilek is a muaythai trainer in Dihnar Muay Gym. Bow has been teaching & competing in Malaysia for the last few years. He has 400 over fights in his records and has been fighting since 7 years old.
His pro record , W – 137 L – 30 D – 0.
  • D1FC Oceanus Title Belt Champion, 67kg, 2015
  • Super Fight Champion D1FC 67kg, 2015
  • Super Fight 67kg Champion, 7th Royal Kedah Muaythai Challenge
  • Super 4 Champion, Night of the Tiger 1, 2013
  • Pencita Challenge 67kg Champion, 2013
  • Z1 Super 4 World Champion 66kg, 2006
  • 14 Province Thailand Champion 65kg, 2005
Dihnar Group M.D. Ir. Hj Nazri set up Dihnar Muay Gym in April 2014, his objective, to raise the standard of muaythai skill for Sabahan and attracting more people to take up muaythai with coaches such as Rudy Joe , Deana and Syafiq.
In Jan 2015, Hj.Nazri Razak brought in Bow to teach in Kota Kinabalu.
This has certainly show positive sign with quality of skills has increase and interest level for muaythai is on the high at the moment in Sabah.
Bow also has been actively competing in D1FC series in Sabah. His last fight vs Philipino slugger Alcer Lozada at D1FC – Rise Above the Rest in June was a heart pumping match to watch as both fighters throw everything except the kitchen sink at each other, but in the end Bow with more accurate & significant strikes won. Bow is well known for a chin of steel, eating punches like candy and will not go down easily.
Florian Breau uses the fighter name of Namsaknoi Lek. This is refering to the legendary Namsaknoi Yudtagargatom. Namsaknoi is well known for his devastating knees which Florian seems to possesed the similarity. Florian like Namsaknoi’s fighting style and hence when choosing a fighter’s name, Florian pick Namsaknoi lek, which means young or small Namsaknoi.
Florian’s achievement:
  • Dubai Super Fight
  • Champion Malaysia 2014
  • Phuket Champion
  • France Champion
  • Muaythai Fury Champion
Warriors of Borneo managed to grab Florian’s time from his busy training shcedule for a short interview.

Are you base in France or Phuket?
I have been living in Patong City at Phuket island for 2 and a half years.

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How long have u been practicing Muaythai? Where did u started it?
My story started when I was 15years old.  I stopped school (it’s earlier for French people) because I didn’t like it.  I worked around 2 years and when I reached 18, I stopped, because I was young and clueless. I wanted to stay with my friends and just laze around.

But one of my family friends – Mr. Vacaris Xavier who runs a gym in France and he asked me if I want to come training and work a bit with him.
I accepted the offer and after only 1 month of training, I went to Bangkok for the first time to Keawsamrit Gym for 2 weeks and from there on… I fell in love with muaythai.

I feel like, this is what I want do with my life.  I went back to France to work hard and save enough money to make another trip to Thailand. I ended up at Singpatong Gym Phuket till this day

What is your pro fight record?
48 fights.  40 win 8 lose

How long have you been competing?

I’m 23 this year, born in 1992 , yeah I fight in Thailand like Thai fighter sometimes 2 or 3 time per month. Fought mostly in south Thailand, now at Lumpinee Stadium. and Tv7 1years ago….4time in Malaysia and 1time in France and 1time in Macau against Thai superstar Kem Sitsongpeenong

Why do you choose Muaythai? Are you interested in MMA?
I choose muaythai because it’s a complete sport; we can use elbows, knees, punches and kicks. Muaythai teaches you more then boxing; it teaches you to respect your trainer, your opponents, teaches you to be strong when life or training is hard. It taught me to be humble… this is what muaythai taught me.

I didn’t have this when I was young and this is why I like it.
No I don’t do MMA I have never tried but maybe one day after my muaythai careers.
Growing up in your teenage years, were you the type who got into lots of fights? 
Yeah I get some problems when I was younger before I started practicing muaythai.  I’m like a bad boy, not big gangster but I make my mom really worry about me, But when I started muaythai I understand I have to make choice to straighten up my life and take care of myself.
I went to Thailand alone, I don’t know anybody at that time in Thailand and I don’t speak Thai and my English is not that good too. But I made a decision to presevere and have discipline and be responsible to myself.
When you have a fight you have to train hard everyday. You can’t go party or drink alcohol or smoke. Got to be disciplined. Sleep early to get enough rest and eat good clean food
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Muaythai is school of life.

You are fighting Bow, I’ve seen him in D1FC at Sabah in June vs Alcer. He’s a powerful kicker. 

What is your game plan?
Yes I know bow we fight already in 2013 at Langkawi I lose by point but, this time I’m not the same fighter. I don’t have special game plan.  I am a strong and technical fighter, if Bow kick hard, I will kick harder! hahaha
Any message for the fight fans?
I’m very happy to meet the Malaysians again because they always take good care of me and they really like muaythai, and this makes me feel good.
I’m sure a lot of people will come to watch this amazing fight night and hope they will come and support me!
I want to thank to Dihnar Group for giving me the chance to fight for a WMC title belt.
I promise I will not disappoint the fight fans and give my best for a great fight!
Any message for Bow? 
For Bow I hope he is ready,…. because I’m not coming to Malaysia for a holiday. I’m coming to do my job. This belt is important for me and I am coming to get it !

Wishing you all the best for the fight.
Thanks a lot for spending time to answer my questions.

Thank you to you bro. It is good to know that there are people interested of our hard life as a nak muay

Not a problem. Appreciate your time. My respect to all you fighters that trully dedicate your mind & body to train. I try to do my part to support by promoting the fights.

Now comes the ladies….consider yourself lucky if you are able to get a ticket to this WMC D1FC title fight. This is going to be HOT!!!

Lena Ovchinnikova vs Patrizia will be a rematch. In April 2015, Lena won the match by decision when they met in France for the Lion Belt Superfight

Lena is a pro muaythai & MMA fighter, with a record of:

Muaythai, K-1 W – 14 L – 5 D – 0
MMA W – 10 L – 3 D – 0

This Ukranian beauty stand at 167 cm is 28 years old. Fighting out of Union Gym Ukraine, she has been fighting since 13 years old and has chalked up an impressive records of win & title:
At LION BELT 5 in France
Feast your eyes boys, whip up your appetite for some muaythai action!
Patrizia Gibelli hails from France. At 36 years old , she has a fight records of:

Muaythai, K-1 47 Fights W – 28 L – 16 D – 3
Amateur Boxing 7 Fights W – 4 L – 2 D – 1

  • Italian WAKO Pro Muay Thai Champion
  • Italian FIKBMS Amateur Champion 2014 (K1 rules – 1°series)
  • Italian FIKBMS Amateur Champion 2012 (K1 rules – 1°series)