AJ Lias Mansor, or better known as AJ Pyro will make his second appearance as pro wrestler in tomorrow Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW)’s : FACE YOUR FEAR.

He first debut in pro wrestling on 8 Sept’s MyPW: MALL BRAWL

AJ has been in the ring/cage countless time as he is a Malaysian MMA pioneer. One of the first Malaysian to compete professionally in MMA. AJ was crowned ONE Championship Malaysian featherweight champion in 2015.

His martial arts journey started in his school day as he represented his birth state (Sabah) and country (Malaysia) in Silat. During his university days, he switch to Rugby and also became a National player. After uni, he went to Thailand to learn Muaythai & competed regularly.

AJ currently runs Borneo Tribal Squad (BTS) with his wife Emily in Kota Kinabalu which offers various classes for combat sports & conditioning.  He is the head coach and have a stable of talented pro fighters from Sabah training under him in BTS elite fight team.

Wrestling is not something new to AJ as he is a Brown Belt in BJJ and the experience from rugby contributed a lot in giving him the needed skills to perform as a pro Wrestler.

MyPW is growing very well and has done an excellent job in raising the profile of pro Wrestling in Malaysia (read about my post on MyPW ) As they are expanding & their fans base grows, new wrestlers are needed to keep the show fresh & interesteing to the fans.

MyPW regularly hold tryouts for those interested to become a pro wrestler. It was in such a tryout early this year that AJ participated and immediately was selected.

During MyPW: MALL BRAWL, AJ was invited to attend as a spectator, but eventually was involved in a match. AJ explained what happened that day…

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“I carried my MMA fighter legend as AJ Pyro to the pro wrestling ring. 

I attended MALL BRAWL to support my MMA fan and a friend turned to Pro Wrestler, Haziq The Blade. He had a match that day. He fought a guy who 30kgs heavier than him. He fought bravely but eventually lost to Hendo Remi. 
Hendo still not happy with his win and kept beating up and bullied Haziq. Then Hendo joined by another bully. 

I came off from my seat and asked Hendo to let Haziq go, but instead he challenged me. I jumped into the ring and just warned him. He shoved Haziq to me. I took my shirt off and confronted Hendo and his bully friend. He tried to punch me(cheap shot) but I saw it coming,…..

Dropped my level and double legged him, lifted him in the air before I slammed him down followed by ground and pound. 

He managed to stand by the corner of the ring. I attacked him with one Muay Thai jump knee. He went down again. I picked him up and finished him with The AA (Attitude Adjustment) move! The crowd went wild! The bully ran away and I checked on Haziq to see if he was ok.”

In tomorrow’s MyPW: FACE YOUR FEAR, AJ will join forces with Aziq Blade to teach the ever-menacing Bully Squad a lesson they will never forget!

I ask AJ on how is the training for pro wrestling different from his martial arts routine.

“Pro Wrestling training is more about choreograph and timing but the pain is still real! 
The slam, the fall, sometimes your wrestling partner/opponent will kick or punch you hard! 
Pro wrestling requires a lot of practice, practice and practice to achieve perfection.”
AJ training at Grapple max Singapore in his preparation for MyPW: FACE YOUR FEAR 

Tomorrow’s event; FACE YOUR FEAR will be chokeful of action as aside from AJ’s tag team match, MyPW has lined up plenty of good match for fans to enjoy.

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JY Eagle with the help of The Retis Double K will get his revenge on Orion Black. But wait, Tony Abel – MYPW has entered the game! We will finally find out the real culprit behind JY Eagle’s match sabotage once and for all.

Serigala MYPW is BACK for blood and he has set his wolf eyes on both Furious Faizal and Harry Ray of the Feral Alliance!
That’s what you get when you mess with Serigala! Awoooooo!
It’s confirmed, guys! Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR‘s Chris Panzerand our golden homeboy Emman ‘The Kid’ – MYPW will share the squared circle at MyPW Face Your Fear this Saturday.
It’s official, MyPW’s resident heroine Phoenix Nor Diana will battle it out against Tyra Russamee at MyPW Face Your Fear.
This is a Women’s Match you don’t want to miss. Will Phoenix keep her winning streak against the more experienced Exotic Panther?
And for the Main Event, MyPW’s Undisputed Champion Daryl Wong has officially accepted the Three Stages of Hell thrown to him by Gotham-MYPW. With his title and career on the line, the Asian Warrior got personal when he brought up Gotham’s failed marriage!
Come and support Malaysia’s one & only Pro Wrestling show.
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Ticket (Free Seating): RM50
Date: 13 October 2018
Time: 4:30pm -7.00pm

Venue: KuAsh theatre

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