Tuan Hj Nazri (L) with Rayner Kinsiong (R) and Mardeana of Team Karabaw

Persatuan Muaythai Negeri Sabah (Sabah Muaythai Association) is looking forward to a busy 2017. Kickstarting Muaythai in Sabah with Muay Fight Night (MFN).

MFN is another event organised by Sabah Muaythai to unearth new Muaythai talents in the state. This amateur event will be held on 8-9 April at the vicinity of Team Karabaw gym at 88 Marketplace, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu.

MFN is sponsor by Dihnar Group and is in collaboration with Team Karabaw & Revolution Gym.

According to Tuan Hj Nazri Razak, Sabah Muaythai Association President, Sabah needs new talents in Muaythai as the association is always on the lookout for Muaythai athletes to represent Sabah for many competition around the year in Sabah & elsewhere in Malaysia, hence in the association’s plan, MFN is a continuous effort to provide a platform for newbies to gain experience and a place for them to test out their skills.

Participants for MFN are open for athletes to represent their clubs, district association or even as an individuals. Sabah Muaythai aims to organise MFN once every two months. In May Sabah Muaythai will host Piala Borneo, and some of the athletes may get to be selected to represent Sabah.

Ask on how far is the progress of Sabah in comparison to other Malaysian state,…Hj Nazri explained,
“We are actually not too far behind. What we can do is to achieve more victory in and outside of Sabah. We are also doing our long term development so that our Muaythai athletes will continously be expose to new competition and training and keeping them active and moving forward all the time”
Haji Nazri also explained that Sabah Muathai athletes have positive improvement in fitness and strenght, but techniques are still something they must work on.
On why Sabah does not see many foreign coaches, Haji Nazri explained…
“What we really need are coaches that combine the knowledge of  sport science, proper techniques and are qualified with Muaythai specific course, they can be locals, not necessarily foreigners; because cost in hiring foreigner is a challenge.”

Aside from MFN, Sabah Muaythai is also planning for Inter-Club competition after the Hari Raya celebration around July-August and the Inter-District tournament around November.

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