Malaysia is in the midst of a partial lock down. Started since 18 March that Malaysian government has implement the Movement Control Order (MCO) to restrict people’s movement to curb the spread of Covid19.

Everyone need to practice social distancing and all events with crowds are cancel. This heavily affect sports event and activities. All martial arts gyms has become quiet because of the nature of close contact in martial arts.

During this MCO, online traffic has gone up dramatically as many spend their time surfing the internet at home for Covid19 updates and also to pass their time at home. As for gym owners, many also have move online to offer their members & students’ continuous training. They use Facebook, Instagram, Zoom App, etc to reach out to them.

But without events or competition, the motivation to train may not be high. Some may even felt that there’s no purpose in regular training.

This is where event also need to adapt to this new norm. Introducing the 1st VFC ( Virtual Forms & Weapons Competition ), presented by BMAEX. VFC is the 1st event that offer martial art practitioner to participate without leaving their house. What they need to do is basically do their martial arts forms routine, video it and send in their participation by giving a link to their video once they post it in social media ( no need to send the video file, so save your internet data ! : )

It is open to kids, teens and adults. Participants can opt to join the traditional ( ie: Silat, Wushu, Silambam, Karate, Muaythai, Taekwondo ) or go for the creative category ( basically it’s freestyle ). And within this category, participants can also choose between doing it in bare hand forms or with weapons. As Malaysia is still on MCO, participants must follow the law and this means this is a solo event and participants should record the video in their homes ( not allowed to be in public places such as public parks, gym, sports center )

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BMAEX (Borneo Martial Arts Expo) is founded in 2018 by Alvin Chong, owner of Borneo Combat Gym Labuan and president of LSKA ( Labuan Sports Kickboxing Association ) and Labuan Wushu Association. He is also the current deputy president of MASMMAA ( Malaysia MMA Association ).

The objective of BMAEX is to unite all practitioner of martial arts under one roof in the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship & respect. 2 events in 2018 & 2019 has been organized in Labuan that brought together various style of martial arts to showcase their talents in seminars, martial arts forms competition & also combat in the ring.

Alvin wants to continue this spirit of togetherness in 2020, to uplift the spirit of all martial artist in Malaysia & Brunei during this pandemic.

“ Even after MCO, highly likely no contact sports activities can be organized for the next few months, so we have to do things differently now. VFC is the new way of martial arts competition. I want to give martial artist a sense of purpose to continue training & improve on their techniques. Thanks to technology even though physically we are apart but we can still come together online. “

VFC is open to all martial arts style. Judging will be done by a panel of experience judges online and they will be a special category for People’s Choice Award where the results is decided by the public, winner will win a limited edition MILO bag as prize. All winners will be awarded a medal & an e-certificate.

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VFC is sanctioned by world leading body in combat sports ISKA and organized by of LSKA ( Labuan Sports Kickboxing Association ) and Labuan Wushu Association. The technology on the website & judging online are made possible from the hi-tech team from AXB

So Warriors, get your smartphone or videocam ready, stretch those muscles & let’s get busy kicking & striking!

For further details on the rules & regulations, please refer to or call Mr Tan Chee Haw 013-5572296