(Kuala Lumpur. June 30th) Malaysia International Wushu Festival 2019 will be held at Titiwangsa Stadium in Kuala Lumpur from August 10th to 11th. The organiser expects this 5th International Wushu Festival can attract more wushu enthusiasts to participate and more people come and join them to promote Chinese culture.

Wong Kim Swee (President of Wushu Federation of KL) said: “The first Malaysia International Wushu Festival (formerly known as Kuala Lumpur International Wushu Championship) was held in 2014. It has been held for consecutive 4 times and now is entering the fifth. After 6 years of hardship, it has been established a brand awareness internationally under the efforts of all members of Kuala Lumpur Wushu Association.”

He said: “The competitions in International Wushu Festival of this year includes competition wushu, traditional wushu, Sanda, Push hands, Wrestling, comprehensive wushu, etc. The number of participants is expected to reach approximately 1000, and the contestants are not only from Malaysia, but there are also international contestants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.”

Fixed step push hands is one of the key events of Malaysia International Wushu Festival 2019

Promote inter-ethnic communication

He said: “In addition to competition wushu and traditional wushu, there will be two highlights in this festival. The first highlight is the added “Fixed step push hands” which is suitable for beginners and older push hands enthusiasts. Kuala Lumpur Wushu Association is planning to promote push hands to the schools in Malaysia, and expected will be welcomed by the schools, parents and students.”

Malaysia International Wushu Festival has made a name for itself in the world

Kim Swee said: “The second highlight is the added comprehensive wushu, the content of the competition will cover various faction of martial arts in one, includes Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Indian martial arts, Duilian (with weapons), long weapon, short weapon, Nunchaku, etc. Besides showing the diversity of wushu, it also shows characteristics of multiculturalism in Malaysia.”

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He added: “In addition to being a sport, wushu is also self-defense, and is a distinctive cultural event. We hope that we can promote inter-ethnic communication and creating harmony among Malaysian through this multicultural sport. In the end, I want to emphasized that our aim is not to cultivate a world champion, but to achieve national movement and contribute to the health of Malaysian!”

Wong Kim Swee
The addition of comprehensive wushu also shows characteristics of multiculturalism in Malaysia