Come this weekend 25 & 26 NOV, the thunderous roar of Muaythai fans will echo in Stadium Titiwangsa Kuala Lumpur. 12 Muaythai title belt up for grabs in two night! The stadium is expected to be filled with a strong crowd of 5000. This is for The Grand Finals of Kuda Merah International World Muaythai.

This is Kuda Merah’s 72th event. They went on a break during the two years of covid restrictions and are pulling all the stops to make 2023 Grand Final a grand one.

Aside from featuring top Malaysian Nak Muay, fighters from Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Morocco will also make their appearance, in total there will be 28 fighters for the 14 bouts competed in two nights.

According to Kuda Merah president Rosli Yaacop, this event not only promotes Muaythai and bringing Muaythai event in Malaysia to a higher level but also a catalyst for improving the local economy as it’s an event in the tourism calender receiving strong support from Tourism Malaysia.

The hi-light will be the appearance of local favourite Mat Ropi. Whom fights under the banner of Malaysian Royal Police Kuda Merah team.  Mat Ropi at 30 years old is a veteran of Malaysian Muaythai, having garnered more than 330 fights. This will be his 100th appearance for Kuda Merah organised event.

Mat Ropi, is putting strong focus in his last few days of preparation and hopes Muaythai fans come out in droves to support him especially from his hometown Kelantan. He recently won in TFight – Terengganu at end of September vs a fighter from Laos and he wants to end 2023 with the prestigious Kuda Merah title on his waist. Mat Ropi super fight vs opponent from Morocco is on 26 Nov Sunday night.

Another fan favorite will make a return to the ring, the ever-popular Mohammad Mahmoud or more well known as Jordan Boy of Jordan Top Team. His fight name is paying homage to his father’s home country of Jordan. He is a former ONE Championship fighter. Jordan  last fought in early 2022. He stops to focus on his family as he is now the father of a baby girl. Jordan is also an entrepreneur running his apparel business under his own brand name of JTTstoremy.Jordan Boy will fight on 26 NOV

Undefeated Champion of 25 Muaythai & Kickboxing fights from Sharks Muaythai, Ling Kai Tze will look to continue his winning streak and collect the 75kg Kuda Merah title belt at the same time. Kai Tze from Subang Jaya works in the field of HR and assist in coaching at Sharks Muaythai. This graduate from Sunway Uni is the National Amatuer Muaythai Champion( August 2023 ) and AMA ISKA K1 75kg Champion ( Dec 2022 ).  He will be facing Sam Michael( Yazlisyam Amizan ) of Selendang Kuning, whom fought in May’s WMC – World Muaythai Championship Pro Series 2. They will fight on Sunday night 26 NOV 2023

Among the young fighters are Nawib Ullah Bakshi from Afghanistan, he is only 22 and trains at Sampuri Gym, Ampang. Nawib has resides in Malaysia for the last 5 years. He has 27 fights in his record with 19 wins. Nawib will face his nemesis in the young Amarul Shafiq of Bara Emas Muaythai. Amarul from Putrajaya scored a hi-light reel victory of a jumping roundhouse kick that KO Nawib back in June’s Super Muay Event. At 66kg this is going to be an explosive fight, you don’t want to mis this as Nawib is super focus in redeeming himself in this rematch on Saturday night 25 NOV

Putra Abdullah, Malaysian Muaythai raising star at 18 years old and brother of Jordan Boy will also fight at the same night with his elder brother. Putra is the Gold medalist of Malaysia National Club Championship in August this year, the winner of Super Muaysuperfight vs Adik Rais in June 2023 and 2022 IFMA World Youth Championship Gold medalist. Putra superfight will be on Sunday 26 NOV 2023.

The Grand Finals this year winners will return next year for an event dubbed Clash of the Champions.

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Tickets are selling out fast, do check this link below for availability