BMAEX is multi discipline martial arts festival that brings together all style of martial arts under one roof. The event is a melting pot of martial arts disciplines, with practitioners from a myriad of styles gathering under one roof. Traditional martial arts like Wushu, Silat, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo will share the stage with modern combat sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and kickboxing. This diverse representation of martial arts showcases the rich heritage and evolution of combat techniques across Malaysia & the region.

BMAEX 6th edition is on 15-17 DEC 2023, at Palm Beach Resort Labuan.

A very special thing about BMAEX is definitely the award night. Held usually on the welcoming dinner ceremony. This award for martial artist in Malaysia, was initially just an idea I shared during the early days of Warriors.Asia (formerly known as Warriors of Borneo blogspot ), which caught the attention of Alvin & through his great effort made it a reality.

B-MAEX is the only organization in Malaysia & perhaps in this region that have this type of award. This award is to recognize individual or martial artist that has given great contribution to improve the community through martial arts.

Let’s get to know one of the award recipients for 2023 here, whom won the Martial Arts Hero of the year

Marc Marcellinus fondly call Coach Marc, born on 26th October 1979 in Tambunan, Sabah.

He spends his early childhood in Lahad Datu study at SRK Kennedy Bay, Silam Camp Lahad Datu.

Then for Secondary education, he came to Kota Kinabalu, SMK Likas

He further continued his studies in the subject of Sports Science in ITM Shah Alam

Coach Marc started his martial arts journey in the art of Silat in Tambunan. He then move on to boxing and karate and during his uni days discovered Muaythai. From striking arts, he further trained in BJJ as he started to delve into MMA, becoming one of the pioneer and earliest Malaysian professional MMA fighter. He competed in ONE Championship from 2013-2017

When he was competing in ONE Championship

He explained his reason in taking up martial arts.

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“ I grew up with a martial arts background and it was a favourite pastime amongst us, kids. It wasn’t until later on that I realised the skills I learnt in basic martial arts were essential in helping me navigate life. “

Significant achievement in martial arts:

– 2nd Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate

– 2nd Dan Black Belt Kickboxing under ISKA Borneo

– Purple Belt in BJJ, under Anthony Perosh

– Level 3 Muay Thai Coach under IFMA

– Average 60 Pro fights Muay Thai (48-12)

Coach Marc is a full-time instructor. He owns and am the Head Coach at Borneo Tiger Mixed Martial Arts (BTMMA). Teaching classes, coaching fighters and also educating younger coaches on how to spread the art of Muay Thai.

He was also involved in Discover Muay Thai. A program that aims to transform underprivilege kids to become a better person in all aspect. In May this year, Coach Marc was given the task of training 16 kids from different parts of Sabah. Using Martial arts to build their body & toughen their minds and also imparting important life lessons to all of them.

With the founder of DMT and the boys that graduated

In Sep 2023, nearing the end of the DMT Program for the Sabah youth, Coach Marc decides to give them & also himself a challenge by bringing some of the boys to participate in 13th Rampage Fighting Championship. Many of the DMT boys are participating as an athletes for the first time in their lives. Borneo Tigers MMA team brought back 5 gold

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“ To change lives first it have to start with changing yourself, I admit I have my struggles, doubts and inner demons. Fortunately I’d found strength to cast away all those negativity, this boys had given me a fighting chance to prove to myself again that I can produce promising and up coming talents in this combat sport.”

Team Borneo Tigers MMA in Rampage FC 13

His goal is to continue to teach and maybe someday see his students pass on what they have learnt.

Coach Marc view on life,

” I think I have reached the point in my life where I am quite relaxed and easy going. I have learnt it is not what you face in life, but how you choose to react that is important.

I am happy that despite the hardships and challenges I have had to walk through in my martial arts journey, I am now able to teach and hopefully guide younger fighters in their quest. I believe no experience goes to waste, you walk through what you live through and if you’re lucky, you keep the lessons you learn to pass onto the next generation. “

My life motto is

“Always finish what you started.” The past doesn’t determine who you become, and I am living proof of that.”

When not busy with martial arts, Coach Marc enjoys modifying antique cars and go diving.

Coach Marc is a highly sought after jury & referee for combat sports
With founder of BMAEX & ISKA Borneo Director – Alvin Chong

Other award winner for BMAEX 2023 are:

Master Adey Hj Hussin – ZeroOneEight

Chio Ren Sinag – Nanhua Sanda

Master Yeo Kok Huan – SMAC Studio
Imran Harith – Discover Muaytai

Chong Yun Sang – YouLing Wushu Team