In a short two years time Borneo Combat Gym (BCG Labuan) has successfully organised 5 Borneo Amateur Challenge (BAC), in the island of Labuan. It was a brainchild of Alvin Chong – BCG founder. Alvin wanted an event that can bring all type of martial artist together.

Focusing on K1 Kickboxing, which have simple easy to understand rules and enable martial artist of different style to test their skills against each other in combat. With the raise in popularity of MMA, BAC also included MMA bouts in their fights.

Alvin always emphasize on developing new talent, be it talent in combat sports or developing talent in organising and managing the event itself.

Alvin (center) with BCG coaches and trainers

Come this weekend 21-22 July, BAC will enter it’s 6th edition, and this time everybody is gonna do Kung Fu fighting. Yes this will be the 1st Wushu edition.

Wushu has been in Alvin’s mind for sometimes now. Being a martial artist, Alvin believe in the value of what martial arts teaches, such as respect, honour, integrity, indomitable spirit. He always put high regards on traditional martial arts. Although he started his martial arts career in Muaythai and TaeKwon-Do, Alvin always have high regards on Chinese martial arts.

In 2017, he went to Beijing to learn Shuai Jiao from a Grandmaster Wang. ( Shuai Jiao is a type of traditional Chinese grappling / wrestling art with thousands of years of history ). And in Dec 2017, Alvin organised the 1st Borneo Martial Arts Expo (B-MAEX), which brought together numerous martial arts in Labuan and the Wushu group was one of the biggest turn out.

Confident with the the response and wanting to elevate Wushu further in Borneo, the idea to make BAC Wushu edition quickly was set in mo


This weekend event is divided to 2 category;
Taolu – which is sets of patterns perform with weapons or empty hand. Taolu present the tradition and arts aspect of Wushu. Participants are judge by their grace, skills, balance and posture while executing the set movements. Sanda – full contact kickboxing utilising hand, feet, sweep and throws. Sanda or sometimes call Sanshao is the combat aspect of Wushu. Expect to see rapid combo of strikes and body slams.

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Taolu will be on 21 July and Sanda on 22 July 2018.

10 weight classes for Males and 6 for female in Sanda
Come and watch top BCG Labuan fighters in action on Sunday

Fitness ethusiasts, don’t miss the Zumba session and the fitness test.


BAC 6 will be held in Labuan Financial Park. Public can come and view in comfort of an indoor air-conditioned venue and do some shopping at the same time. According to Alvin close to 150 participants is expected for this two day event.

For pre-event activities, a 3 days judging course was organised from 18-20 July to educate and develop more qualified referees and judges.

Set-up in progress on Friday night
Rehersal and practice
Judging course
Exclusive athlete T-shirt
Press con with Hazan Dahari (3rd from right) Director of Jabatan Belia Sukan Labuan. Picture by Mohd Faizal Mansor of

This event is hosted by BCG and joint organised by Labuan Sport Kick Boxing Association, Labuan Wushu Association, Supreme Fitness. It is sanctioned by Youth and Sports Ministry, ISKA and Wushu Association Malaysia. Sponsors are Labuan Financial Park and Grand Dorsett Labuan