At 34, Randall Kadayum is a well known fighter hailing from the interior town of Sabah – Tambunan. A native Dusun, Randall comes from an active family, his father was into atheletics and
his elder brother coaches futsal in Tambunan. Randall’s wife is a
undefeated boxing champion in Sabah. he used to works as pizza delivery crew by day and a Muaythai instructor by night at Kinabalu Fighters, now he works as an computer lab IT assistant in the morning and teach at night.

As a kid he love to watch boxing and martial art in TV and movies, as a high school students in SMK Bahang, KK Randall did some Taekwondo and karate but his thirst for full contact martial art came when few years back a muaythai coach from Kelantan came to Sabah to give a seminar.

He was hooked with Muaythai. He save up some money and went to Labuan to learn further from coach Alvin Chong of Borneo Combat Gym.

To him the recipe for success in a fight is the training.
” If my opponent trains hard, I will train harder!” 

Having the fight name ‘The Slayer’ , Randall has slayed plenty of tough opponent and these are among his notable achievement in Muaythai:

  • Muaythai Sarawak Head of State Trophy 2013. 
  • D1 Fighting Championship Rhino Warriors “The New Era” D1 Super Four Trophy 2014
  • D1 Fighting Championship Best of Sabah 60kg 2015 
  • D1 Fighting Championship “Rise Above The Rest” 2015
  • Rhino Invasion KL D1FC Champion tittle belt 60kg 2015. 
  • Muaythai Sarawak Head of State Trophy 2016, Borneo Invitational category 60kg. 
  • Muaythai “Elopura Fights” Chief of Police Trophy 2016
  • Borneo Invitational Superfight (Sarawak 2016)  
  • D1FC Pride of Rhino Warriors – Champion 60kg 
  • Sabah Fight 2018 – Champion 60kg
    Muaythai record: 15 win , 2 lose

Boxing record :13-2-0 

  • Boxing title the best boxer on 2013 
  • JFL Super 8 title belt cage Boxing Champion 2015. 
  • Third place in Malaysia Cup 2016
  • Sabah Mayor Cup Champion 2012 – 2016

Randall develop his excellent stamina by participating in various marathon. He is also an avid gamer & also loves to watch Japanese Anime. Musically talented, he
also plays the drum & used to have a band with his wife who is the
band’s vocalists.


Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan is a native Ilocos region of Pangasinan, a province in Luzon, north Philipine. He is also a master of Cinco Teros (translated from Spanish words “five offences/strikes”), an old style of Arnis-Escrima endemic in Northern Luzon particularly in the province of
Pangasinan dated back in the 16th century.

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He started his training in martial arts at the early age of 8, trained with his uncle Master Rudolfo Biagtan of Maharlika Kuntaw ng Pilipinas Dagupan City chapter, Sensie Alfredo Castro of Shotokan Karate, Granmaestro Oding Billisillo of Arnis Balintawak, and Kru Rolando Catoy in Muaythai.

At 15 Maestro Raysaldo’s grandfather observing that he possessed the heart & spirit for martial arts decided to pass down the knowledge to him. During World War 2, his grandfather was part of the guerilla unit that ambush & killed many Japanese Imperial soldier using the skills of Cinco teros.

Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan started his kickboxing career at the age of 19 where he earned his first Championship Trophy in Philippine Kickboxing Organization (PKBO) and continued with superb accomplishment of twenty fights without losses (undefeated).

At the age of 25 he was selected by the Muaythai Kickboxing Association of the Philippines (MTKAP) to represent Philippines to compete in Muaythai in the World Championship in Thailand.
In 1996 he competed in Korea in IKBF (Int. Kickboxing Federation) World Championship and received a silver medal.

In 1997 Maestro Biagtan moved to Korea to work and study theology. During his stay there, he expand his learning in Korea Martial Arts such as Kyuk Too Ki, Hapkido and Taekwondo. He also participated in Muaythai competition there.

In 2002, he joined Karate for Christ International in Cleveland Alabama, USA. At the age of 33 he earned his 6th degree in Filipino Martial Arts and formed Biagtan Fighting Arts and there is where Biagtan Martial Arts formed.
(parts excerpts taken from http://biagtanmma.com )

Biagtan Martial Arts is a fusion of Muaythai, Cinco teros arnis and Dumog (Filipino wrestling). Maestro Biagtan explained that
in his native dialect “biagtan” means “our life.”
“It’s very appropriate because I am espousing
martial arts as a way of life.”

Maestro Raysaldo also derived his strenght in his belief of Christ. He explained in an interview with FIGHT TIMES ,
“In martial arts we have the so-called inner power and
we must exercise meditation to develop this, and the outside power is
done through physical training. In doing these, you must employ the
dynamic discipline, which is found and flows from your inner self. As an
Evangelical pastor you meditate through the Word of God, open you
heart, let it manifest in you and preach through your action so that you
preach the Word powerfully to the people.

Martial art is for physical-
mind and body, being a pastor is spiritual—heart and soul. Reconciling
these two are simply a way of life, as we live in physical and
spiritual. In Team Biagtan my young trainers and fighters are trained
both being a worshiper of God (spiritual) and servant for people
(spiritual/physical fitness).”

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2014 he took up a recommendation from a friend to teach Muaythai in Malaysia and took up a instructor job in MuayFit.

In 2017 he and his son Fritz opened up their own gym in Bandar Puteri, Kuala Lumpur – Biagtan Martial Arts. Maestro Raysaldo  also teaches part time there and teaching martial arts full time at Top Speed Fitness.

Maestro Raysaldo has a lot of good to say about last year’s BMAEX where he won a title belt with a KO victory.  
“I am proud to be part of BMAEX. 2017 event was a well organised event with many high level fighters from many countries.”

At 48 this year has competed a few times in West Malaysia but has not been victorious as he felt the judges decision was always not on his side, taking the motivation from BMAEX victory last year, he goes in to every fight now with a plan to win by KO/TKO, not letting the judges make the decision.

This time Maestro Raysaldo will be in Labuan together with his son Fritz Biagtan (URCC MMA Champion) , whom will also be feature in the fight card on the same night.


BMAEX is a event that aims to unite all martial artist in this region by giving all styles a platform to perform & excel, with many martial arts activities such as expo, forms competition, breaking challenge, wushu & amatuer kickboxing tournament, seminar & workshop. All this happening from 28-30 DEC at Palm Beach Resort Labuan.
The climax is the 10 title fight in K1 Kickboxing rules happening on 30 DEC 2018