When you are a women with a beautiful face, usually going into combat sports is the last thing you would do. Imagine getting bruised and cuts that will become scar. But this is the new era. The female gender is no longer the stereotype we used to think. The new era women are strong in all aspects, the mind, the heart and the body.

Warriors of Borneo talk to such a person, young Nak Muay name Glorya Nate from Sabah Khai Muay. Glorya is a familiar face in the local Muaythai & Kickboxing scene, being active in many local fights events. Blessed with a face that belongs to beauty magazine cover, she can seriously kick butt and bake up a storm too!
Glorya most recently competed in Elopura Fights 2 in Sandakan. Although the results was not in her favour but she is high spirited and take it as a good learning experience.
Glorya vs Linn in Elopura Fights 2

Let’s get to know her a bit better.

Her full name is Glorya Nate Freddy born in the town of Kudat, 3 hours drive up north of Kota Kinabalu. But she grew up in Kota Kinabalu. She spend her high school life in two different schools. Form 1-4 in S.M All Saints, Likas but moved back to Kudat for her form 4-5 in S.M.K Matunggong.

She then moved back down to KK to further her tertiary education when she turned 18 to attend Asian Tourism International College taking Diploma in Pastry Arts.
A great pastry chef in the making
Sharing her passion for pastry with her families

Glorya was exposed to martial arts from a young age as both her parents’ father are ‘Guru Silat’ ( Silat master ), but her personal journey only began in 2015, when out of the curiosity of following her brother to Kinabalu Fighters gym in Lintas. She competed in K1 and Muaythai and has garnered 9 fight record. She now is a full time Muaythai athlete in the Sabah SUKMA team.

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Glorya ( blue ) competeing in amateur Muaythai
We ask Glorya what interest her in competing ? Aren’t she worried of getting her pretty face hit?
“I believe that everyone have their own passion in something and my passion is Muaythai. I am not scared to get hit in the face but of course I won’t let my opponent hit my face for free haha. I will never go this far without all the people that has been supporting me and have their trust on me since day one.” 

How is like dividing your time between training, studies and family time?
“It is never easy to balance out my studies, training and fighting. Especially when I have a kitchen class and at the same time I need to cut weight. For now I have pass all my subjects and decided to defer my practical to focus in SUKMA in Perak in September later this year.” 

“My family especially my dad are very supportive since he was a national athlete for kayak back in 1997 . He is now 51 years old and still competing. We always support each other even though our passion is for different sports.”

competing in Kickboxing
Glorya used to train at Borneo Tigers MMA in Inanam. She now trains at Sabah Khai Muay, a new training center set up by Sabah Muaythai Association for state Muaythai athlete. One of the reason for me switching gym is because of the location.
“ I am staying in Papar area now and Sabah Khai Muay is closer. Also it is normal for a fighter to switch from one gym to another gym/trainer to grow in their skills. 
But even though I’m in a different gym now. I still respect, honour and remember my previous coaches and gym. I felt privileged to be able to learn from them. My coach in BTMMA is a very good coach he will never give up on his fighters.” 
with coach Rayner Kinsiong at Sabah Muay Thai camp Papar
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Glorya with her previous BTMMA coach Marc (right) and team mates in Labuan Borneo Amateur Challenge (BAC)
competing in Kickboxing in BAC4
Please take us through your fight in Elopura Fights 2. What happened?

Pro level is on another platform and I wanted to feel how my training really works in pro rules Muaythai. Elopura Fights 2 was my pro debut and I participated to gain more experience. 

I fought in amateur level a lot. In amateur rule it is more focus on gaining point, while in pro rules aggressiveness is key. I was carried away with amatuer game plan instead of imposing my will and a bit shocked on the impact from the strikes because there’s no protection gear for pro. I accept that I lost the match but I gain good experience, I will definitely learn from this and will comeback stronger.”

I will be back stronger!