25 Aug 2018.
Another chapter was written in Malaysian MMA history. Malaysian Fight Fest (MYFF), an amateur MMA promotions went underway and it held it’s first event at Quill City Mall with 14 bouts on the cards. (click here to read the pre-event story)

28 fighters came to showcase their skills and some very eagerly looking for the win, as we see a 64% the cards resulted in a finish.

Here are the full results:



We see a lot of debutant entering the cage, as Henry Goh of MYFF pointed out, MYFF main aim is to be a place for newbies to test out their skills.

The two most experience fighters on the cards was Sarawakian Jay Jay Anak Muran being MIMMA5 grand finalist; and Jenarten Radhakrishnan the MIMMA2 grand finalist. As the most experience of the lot, this two was match-up in the bantamweight category.

After losing to Prabu Somainadu in MIMMA 2 grand finals, Jenarten drop off from the scene.  MYFF was Jenarten’s first MMA fight in four years. But this was not his first fight after MIMMA 2, four months back he took a fight in semi-pro boxing in Muayfit series and won by round 2 TKO.

Jenarten with coach Yeow Chet (middle) & team mate Gladys Molling (left) at MuayFit series

Only 19 when he fought in MIMMA2, Jenarten had to leave the combat sports scene to focus on his studies. He now has completed his degree in IT specialising in Forensic Computing from Asia Pacific University. During his time in Uni, he still keep fit by regular martial arts training and playing futsal.

We have heard so much of the story of Agilan Thani (MIMMA2 welterweight champion); how martial arts help mould him from an overweight kid to become ONE Championship welterweight contender today.

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It was the same for Jenarten. His venture into martial arts was to loose the pounds. Throughout his schooling days he was overweight. Reaching 93kg at one point.

To overcome this, he started going to a regular gym, but soon got tired of doing the same workout. Since he always wanted to take up martial arts, he felt it’s time. He started class and within 3 months, lost 25kg! Feeling ecstatic as he has been fat throughout his childhood and teenage years, he now have a healthy weight. He continued training for 8 months and then took his maiden fight in the MIMMA2 tournament.

He first started at Wuji MMA, then change to HIT Fitness as their schedule fits him better. He now trains with Titan Fight Team under coach Yeow Chet. Occasionally also train by Malaysian MMA superstar, Peter Davis of Wuji MMA.

Jenarten in 2014 MIMMA2 (left), MYFF (right)

Jenarten took us through his fight in MYFF, by rounds…
“Round 1 started and I come at him early with a spinning back kick to belly but contested by Jay Jay as groin strike and took the injury time of minutes to recover.

At the end of round 1 I new I did more than enough to secure round 1 and planned to finish the fight in round 2.”
“I already knew before the start of round 2 that he was gassed out because of the body shots and took extra 30 seconds after the seconds were out.”
“So I planned to strike with him a little and take him down to finish it. When I took him down I was attempting for an arm triangle but he defended, so I decided to land some ground and pound. He was defending very badly and ref had to stop the fight.”
Jenarten admits that the fighters nowdays is technically more sound than when he fought in 2014 MIMMA. But during the absence from competition, he himself also has matured and made loads of improvement on his boxing and wrestling.
He wants to stay active in the combat sports scene, in his plans to turn pro in near future.
MYFF winners won prizes from many sponsors that Henry Goh prefer to call partners. As he felt that MYFF is a partnership between organiser and brands working together to develop and grow Malaysian MMA talent.
organising team with referees, judges & partners

Note: All MYFF pictures by YK TANG Photography
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