Of all the weigh division in MMA, the flyweight is the most
action pack due to their lighter weight. KO may not be a regular game ender in
this category but submission and fast pace techniques is a guarantee.  Jay Muran is
a fighter in this category.
Fighting in the MIMMA’s 5 league, Jay Jay Anak Muran stands above the other 7 fighters in his division with 27 points. Jay was one of the
most active fighters in the division. He fought 5 times before qualifying for
the semis.

In that 5 times he loss one time to Naimul Amal, all his other 4
wins are by finishes. He extend his winning streak in the semis by choking out
Muhd Iskandar.

Semi-finals victory for Jay
Let’s get to know better this small dynamite from Sarawak.
Jay Jay Anak Muran. His father is an Iban from Sarawak while his mother is
Indonesian whom grew up in Tawau, with Chinese and Toraja heritage. Born in a
small town call Kanowit in Sibu Sarawak with four other older siblings.
Jay holds the life principle that if you work hard, success
will follow. He did well academically and enroll in Mukah Polytechnic for
petroluem production studies. After graduating in 2013, he was looking forward
to apply his knowledge by working in the oil fields, as he was offered to
further his studies in INSTEP (Institute Teknologi Petroluem PETRONAS). This
required him to pass a medical test…which he failed as he was diagnosed with
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.
” End of 2013 I get
offer continue my study with INSTEP but failed for medical checkup, and
diagnosed with Leukemia so I went and get treatment.”  
“After that I get offer again (for 2nd time)
and I pass my medical test this time because my blood was stable. I studied for
1 year at INSTEP and graduated in June 2015, after that I went for Petronas
interview and pass but my medical test again failed due to the condition of my
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He is on medication and is feeling physically fine. But the
disappointment of not able to build a career in the lucrative oil and gas
industry affect him emotionally. His hope was crushed and his mind was clouded
with uncertainties. That was when he decided to use work out as a way to calm
his mind.
He enroll in Muayfit Damansara Perdana and met his coach
Lito Adiwang of Philipines, a professional MMA athlete. Lito uses martial arts
to guide Jay to develop his physical health and also mental strength. Jay took
on Lito’s teaching like fish to water. And soon within a year he was able to
develop a career in the fitness industry as a trainer.
Jay now teaches at Fitness First iOi Mall Puchong. He has
moved on from Muayfit to FightFam MMA gym lead by his captain Michael Mah. He
also cross train at Marcos Escobar BJJ in Kota Damansara under Kenneth Lam.
Jay (L) having a career as a fitness trainer at Fitness First
training at MEBJJ
his fight gym at Fight Fam MMA
vs Raziman at league 1
appearing with Azreel in HotFM promo

Jay holds a current MMA amateur record of 8-2-0. His 2 loss
comes from, in 2016’s MIMMA season 4 to Eddey Kalai. The time when he barely
have a few months of training under Lito.

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His other loss was to Naimul during
league 2.

choked out by Naimul in league 2
On how is his preparation for the rematch with Naimul, this
time in the grand finals.
“I prepare more on my cardio and ground game…I know I lost to him by bulldog choke in league 1…but I
believe my ground game is better than him.” 

“This will be revenge time all out
and I’m not even scared to get injure because this is the grand finals.”

There seems to be a personal fued going on between Jay and
Naimul. As both were involve in a short altercations during the shooting of the
grand finals promo video.

This bad blood between the two of them is fueling Jay’s determination to do his utmost best. To Jay whatever happens, he will lay it all out in the cage.

This will certainly
be a bout not to be miss. Grab your tickets folks, and get ready for a busy

setting his eyes on the gold