Hisyam Samsudin ‘Zephyrus” vs Marco Tentori ‘The Machine Gun’.
The jungle of Labuan will be rumbled by two great champion battling for ISKA BMAEX 75kgs title fight.


Hisyam is familiar with jungle enviroment, being born in Brumas, an palm estate settlement deep in the jungle of the East Coast of Sabah. He moved to Tawau for schooling and began to battle with his weight dealing with obesity was tough, his weight reach 100kg at one point.

Moving to Kota Kinabalu for his uni studies, he enrolled in The Borneo Tribal Squad MMA & Fitness Factory and trained under pro combat sports athlete AJ “Pyro” Lias. He trained in Muaythai, BJJ & boxing. The initial objectives of losing weight & get fit became to compete in the ring when his skills got better.

In February 2016, Samsudin replaced an injured Thai athlete at a four-man boxing tournament in Singapore to determine the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Asia-Pacific Light Heavyweight Champion.

Despite being several kilograms underweight, he won the whole tournament, making him the first Malaysian to hold a WBF title. Then, he turned his attention to the ONE cage.

Hisyam is a ONE Championship fighter and holds a record of 2-4-0 in MMA. He showed tremendous heart & warrior spirit when in his 4th pro MMA fight in Indonesia he faced great adversity when his father pass away in the eve of the fight. Hisyam battled through emotion & plenty of deadly leg locks from a BJJ specialist and he emerge victorious.

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Proud of his Bugis warrior heritage Hisyam has recently started his own gym called Ewako MMA, training new breed of fighters & himself continue to train hard especially this 30 Dec in an attempt to win himself a title in Kickboxing.


The Machine Gun – Marco’s interest in martial arts started at early age pre teens. He always wanted to be strong and train on his own but received formal training when he join a Kung Fu academy & trained in Choy Li Fatt. His dedication in training earn him the black sash & with his acquired skills wanted to test his ability against other styles, he decided to compete in Muaythai as it’s reputed to be the toughest combat sports around.

After his first Muaythai victory in 2004 he began to compete regularly, capturing various title. Among the title he won in his total current fight record (combined Muaythai & K1 rules) is 47 fights for 35 wins.
• WPMF Super-Middleweight Western Australian Muay Thai State Champion 2006
• WPMF Middleweight Western Australian Muay Thai State Champion 2007
• WBC Australian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion 2008
• WBC Australian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion 2010 (x2)
• ISKA Light-Middleweight Australian Muay Thai Champion 2010
• OTBA Middleweight Australian Muay Thai Champion 2010
• WKA Super-Middleweight South Pacific Muay Thai Champion 2011
• OTBA Middleweight Australian Muay Thai Champion 2011
• WBC Australian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion 2012
• OTBA Australian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion 2012
• WMC Middleweight Western Australian Muay Thai State Champion 2014
• WMC Middleweight Australian Champion 2014
• ISKA Commonwealth Middleweight Champion 2014

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He has beaten 4 former world title holders in non-title fights.

in August 2015, he stepped into the ring to challenge  Yodsanklai Fairtex , and while he lost via decision, he took the Muaythai legend the whole 5 rounds and gave him a good fight.

Marco at 34 this year considered his best attributes is his mental strength, being able to focus his mind on the fight even though many times the odds is against him, couple with his analytical approach, he goes into a fight fully prepared in terms of physical skills, mental fortitude & technical understanding.

Under the tutelage of Australian combat sports veteran Alan Pond in Pondy Gym, Marco will be in Labuan not to enjoy the jungle & beach scenery but to make sure the title will be wrapped on his waist on 30 DEC 2018.


BMAEX is a event that aims to unite all martial artist in this region by giving all styles a platform to perform & excel, with many martial arts activities such as expo, forms competition, breaking challenge, wushu & amatuer kickboxing tournament, seminar & workshop. All this happening from 28-30 DEC at Palm Beach Resort Labuan
The climax is the 10 title fight in K1 Kickboxing rules happening on 30 DEC 2018