A Karadech is a Thai and he does MuayThai…well that’s not surprising right?
But this guy have over 100 over MuayThai fights in his record. He now coach MuayThai in the fame MuayThai Gym – SS Fighter of Kuching, Sarawak.

Sarawak has a very active MuayThai scene, every 2-3 months there’s a fight being organised by the local association. The mission to improve the skill levels of locals sees the need of coaches with the skills set of Karadech. Kardech was also hired as Malaysian national MuayThai coach before he moved to Kuching.

Karadech is well aware of his opponent Ahamadjon’s advantage on the ground. But he will try to keep the fight standing, with lots of low kicks and knees.

This fight with Ahmadjon will be an explosive affair.

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