Rentap Muaythai Gym has been very busy this year, with fights in ONE Lumpinee for their star athletes like: Johan & Elias & just in 6 OCT, Jojo got a devasting TKO victory over his Russian opponent to secure a contract with ONE Championship.  Right after that fight, Rentap team went on full throttle mode to prepare for their 3rd Rentap Fighting Championship on 18 NOV 2023 at Sungai Apong Basketball Court, Kuching. Estimated more than 3000 was in attendance.

This 3rd event saw 15 amatuer Muaythai fights, 3 Semi-pro, 5 Pro fights in the day time. The hi-lights event at night saw 9 bouts of Pro Muaythai featuring Malaysian & International fighters from countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Lebanon & USA.

Day time fights was filled with enthusiastic bouts between many new upcoming talents from various clubs & gyms all over Malaysia. In between fights lucky draw of prizes given out conducted by ERA Sarawak announcers, with appearance of Johan ‘Jojo’ Ghazali to meet & greet his fans & live band CCR also provide entertaining music.

At night the program was kickstarted by performance from Ritz Metalasia, with his Slash ( Gun & Roses ) look & awesome skills on his electric guitar, roused up the crowd for the upcoming 9 pro International bouts. Colourful lightings & energetic music filled the hall with each walk in of the fighters.

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Gracing the night event was YB Hannah Yeoh, federal Minister of Youth & Sports. Accompanied by YB Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Minister of Youth Sports & Entrepreneur Development Sarawak. Their attendance to show support certainly gave great honour and motivation to Rentap to do their best for the development of Muaythai for Sarawak & Malaysia.

We spoke to Jennana Johnson, of Muay Girls Promotions ( promoter of the event) & mother to Elias, Jojo, Mia & Miki whom all fight in the main event of Rentap FC 3.

Jennana (left) & her partner Dolphina  of Muay Girls Promotion

Give us a summary of Rentap FC 3rd event.
“It was a huge success. We have a great video, lighting team behind us this event. Our forgien fighters were higher level. Ticket sales were excellent. All in all it was a success. We’re learning from past experience.”

Tell us about your main sponsors that supported your event.

Satumarin Sdn Bhd is the maritime & offshore marine specialist.

They have been our main sponsor since last event. They also sponsor our One Lumpinee and now Johan as our One Championship fighter. The main shareholders are avid martial arts enthusiast, they saw potential in us and offered to help.

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We were looking for sponsors. Posting on social media etc, writing into gov agencies etc. Satumarin stepped in as a main sponsor and has made it possible for our boys to fight abroad. “

Infightstyle is an American Muay Thai brand based in Thailand. Rentap is the sole distributor for Malaysia. Infightstyle also sponsors our event equipment and apparel for fighters fighting on ONE.”

Which fight in your opinion was the best?

“Aryan Sabah and Hasbullah Sarawak put on a great show. Both fought with heart and didn’t hold back. I was very proud of them.

Cambodia and Thailand took it to the next level. No backing down.

Elias and Kabilan fought well as expected.

Miki and Bruce Lee were our main event and definitely fight of the night.”

Aryan vs Hasbullah ( photo by Aiyoyo Liew )
Aryan vs Hasbullah ( photo by Mat Bunga )
Kabilan vs Andrew ( photo by Mat Bunga )
( photo by Mat Bunga )
Elias vs Rahmoun ( photo by Aiyoyo Liew )
Miki vs Bruce Lee ( photo by Aiyoyo Liew )
Miki vs Bruce Lee ( photo by Aiyoyo Liew )

Now that 3rd Rentap Fighting Championship is in the books, all effort is on the final preparation for Jojo’s eagerly awaited debut in ONE Fight Night on 8 DEC vs Edgar Tabares

Graphic design by Bob Khairy