MCO has hit the sports industry hard. But there’s always new way to do things and we need to learn from each other the get ideas and motivation.
Check out tonight the sharing by Johan Julian Lee Abdullah.
Johan is the owner of Kinabalu Fighters – Martial Art and Fitness Centre in Kota Kinabalu.
Some background on Johan

In terms of fight experience, he started in Karate then moved on to learn Muaythai and MMA. Fighting in flyweight, Johan was the semi-finalist for Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts – MIMMA season 1 and reached the quarter finals of Jesselton Fight League in 2015. He holds a 4-4-0 amateur MMA record. Through his Kinabalu Fighters gym, he has trained and mentor many young talented fighters in Sabah.
He is well known to be organiser of events. Julian co-founded Borneo Fighting Championship, the 1st ever MMA event in Borneo. He also successfully organised FIGHT FEST, a multi style combat sports event that has produced many great fights and gave a platform for many martial artist to display their arts and gain experience.
Julian also was the pioneer in combat sports blog when he started FIGHTBAH many years ago, that inspired me to start my own Warriors of Borneo blog, and of course he is also well known for organising HOBBYCON, that has become the biggest lifestyle event in Borneo for hobbyist.
Julian philosophy in combat sports is not just to win medals for his fighters and gym, but to build people, especially his students, to become an all rounder. A coach in combat sports and also a coach in life.
Julian has been actively doing a lot of training HRDF himself to equip himself as a life coach. He believe through martial arts good value one can use it to apply to life as a whole.
Julian has regularly got his students to attend different courses such as NLP, marketing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, public speaking , etc to enhance their knowledge.
Julian is an associate trainer with Rema Synergy and focus on the subject of business consultations, entrepreneurship, mindset & goal settings.

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