Borneo Combat Gym is a martial arts gym founded by coach AC Poseidon
Many of us take for granted our citizenship. To the point that we never learn to appreciate many benefits that come along with it.

These kids from BCG are stateless ( which means they don’t have country that recognises them as citizen ), so they are not able to have any type of identification, no access to education, medical services, cannot open an bank account, cannot apply for a job, etc.

Many of them are in these situation not because of their own choice but they are born to it. They are born here in Malaysia but due to circumstances have stateless status.

Recognising that these children if left unguided will become wayward or directionless, he took them into his gym. Give them martial arts training, not just on the physical aspect but focus on martial arts value of respect, humbleness, indomitable spirit.

He also give them basic education in maths & english & bring them to do many social work to teach them not to blame themselves & others for the status they are in but to always be grateful for the life they have and to give back to society in whatever aspect however small it is, it is still meaningful. hope to see more effort like this from the martial arts community, to emulate coach Alvin and improve the community & society surroundings to be a better place for everyone.

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