ONE Championship: Roots of Honor.
After Joshua Pacio brought the house down with his knee that KOed Saruta in the co-main event, it was time for the Featherweight Champion Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen to close the night with another hi-light reel KO.
Going into the 2nd round, Martin hurt Jadambaa’s leg, he quickly went in for the kill with a jumping knee.
The is the first time Martin defended his Featherweight belt after he won it in 2017. After that victory, he went up to Lightweight, capturing the belt to become double weight champion. He then went down to challenge for Bantamweight title, but loss.
Tonight’s title fight was Martin’s first in 2019 after a more than 8 months away from competition. He has been preparing himself training with the team at Hardknocks 365 & guided by acclaimed Coach @Henri Hooft.
In his winning speech Martin paid respect to his opponent Narantungalag Jadambaa as a veteran in the sports and said that Featherweight is his division and he welcomes any future challengers.

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