Ultimate Beatdown fight is back again! 65 bouts of integrated combat sports of boxing, free fight, and MMA in one night! This event also will bring together fighters from 11 different nationalities, namely Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Russia, France, Australia, Timor, Iraq. Tickets are only RM30! VIP ticket only RM100!

Event: Ultimate Beatdown 23 

Venue: Johor Bahru, Plaza Sentosa ( Rooftop – 8th floor )
Date: 15 July 2017   
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm Boxing
           5.30pm – 8.30pm Kickboxing
8.30pm – 11pm MMA

Whether you’re a fan of MMA or a movie fan, this is definitely an event you don’t  want to miss! Fill your  Saturday night to full-action fighting ULTIMATE BEATDOWN style .
Ticket only at RM30, VIP RM100 .  Tickets can be at Ultimate MMA Academy or online. PM them now for tickets.
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Introducing the main event of the night:

The first ever female main event in Ultimate Beatdown series.

Introducing fighter from left to right:

Jihin”Shadow-Cat” Radzuan (Malaysia)

A full time vet nurse and college student. A home grown Johor talent coached by Melvin Yeoh in Ultimate MMA Academy. Started her MMA training at age of 16 when she still a chubby school girl.

In less than 2 years training she had won FIOGA wushu championship & the MIMMA (one of world premier amateur MMA fight league) title. Just fresh out of pre – SEA Game Muaythai won gold medal last week, she is looking to take another big step into her MMA career. Jihin also represented Malaysia in the IMMAF Asia tournament in Singapore last month.
Hasrina Hamka”Iron Maiden”(Indonesia)
Train and coaching full time in the best and biggest gym in Batam, BFC. The team also provided security service for hire. A master in hand to hand combat of various discipline of martial arts such as Boxing, BJJ and Indonesian art of Pencak Silat, she will be trying to use her weight and size advantage to shut down Shadow-Cat aggression and take away all her fame.

Kickboxing Middleweight Super 4 Championship

Introducing fighters from left to right:

Bangkang “The Hellhound”
Started his fighting career in UB has & has  fought multiple time in the previous UB. This hot-headed Johor native is a raging bull. Being famous for taking every fight as an underdog, he manages to upset the crowd many time. This time he takes on a fight on short notice as a late replacement. He would like to show those 3 big boys what he is made of.

Charlie Pennington”The Sky Scraper”
From Luton, England works in sales Industry in Singapore. Although he just trained in Fight G under the watchful eyes of coach Darren for nearly 2 years, he is very active and won the Kickboxing Welterweight Championship title via a highlight reel head kick knockout in the previous Ultimate Beatdown 22. Right after that victory he immediately asked for a shot at the Middleweight 4-men tournament. He has long reach and keeping his opponent in the distance is his main key to victory.

Wali”The Beastmaster” Rahman
Wali Rahman aka the Beastmaster gets his name by the amount of nonstop work he puts in his training regime. He eats, sleeps and breathes Muay Thai. He is a hardcore practitioner of the “Dutch style” kickboxing. He has been training the fundamental and technical of boxing for 2 years and has been traveling around in search of the art of fighting and now he is with the Red Wolves family. He is well-versed in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. UB’s : Legends Never Die Super 4 title belt is one of his bucket list that he wishes to cross out after this weekend.

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Abin Ag”Carpenter”
He gets his nickname “Carpenter” as he likes to leg kicks his opponent in every fight and chop down opponent legs like chopping a tree. Every opponent had fell victim to his vicious leg kicks. His famous quote :

” The taller then opponent is, the harder they fall,… once their leg gets chop down”
He would like to get a sweet taste of chopping 2 opponents legs down until they need to be carried out from the cage before the sweet blink of the shining championship belt wrap on his waist.

Anybody like cats fight? If you like women MMA,  here is something you might like to watch!

Akshata “Thug” Khadtare after having trained MMA for a year, she went on to win the first All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation Nationals. She beat 2 experienced opponents to clinch the National Championship. Akshata is the only female fighter on the roster of Team Relentless and also the biggest bully in the team earning her the Nickname “Thug”. To earn a spot in Team Relentless its like a hero trying to earn a spot in Avenger, and she is the 1 of a kind.

Tan Shi Yin aka “Little Chilli From Yishun” is a Singaporean MMA fighter fighting out of BJJSG. She has competed and won in Muay Thai, boxing, and grappling competitions and is looking to build her skills and become a well-rounded MMA fighter. Well known for her ferocious fighting style and ironically also her cuteness, she is looking to extend her winning streak in UB 23 to make a name in this sport.

at weigh in today

Ultimate Beatdown Kickboxing Super 4 Flyweight Title.

Introducing fighters from left to right…..

Awin “The Loverboy”(Malaysia)
Mohd Khuzaiwin or as he is fondly known as Buakaw Malaysia is one of the top and upcoming fighter in this fighting arena. He has won fights in Silat, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. His dream is to become the ultimate fighter started at the age of 18 where he won his first Muay Thai tournament. He has never stop training since then. Now as part of the Red Wolves family, he trains under Thai fighter Songkhalek, Ajarn Khairul Anuar and the Khrus of Red Wolves in mastering the art of Muay thai and Kickboxing. He is very hungry for the UB Legends Never Die Super 4 title belt and will not stop till he gets it.

Marco Germani (Italy)
Marco Germani an Eurasian of Italy & Malaysia parentage, fights out of Team Armada Penang will be bringing the warrior spirit of the gladiators to the Ultimate Beatdown 23 –  Flyweight Super 4 Tournament. Marco has been training hard with his coach FS Cheng on a unique fighting style that will be presented in the Ultimate Beatdown arena tonight.

Allan “Super Mario” Ng (Singapore)
Allan is a fitness trainer by profession, running a boutique gym, Grit with his partner.  Rumors has it that Allan can spar for 2 hours without any rest as a everyday training routine. He is also able to break 6 baseball stick using his shin. Allan fights out of Fight G Singapore, and wants to prove that he’s on his way to competing at the highest level of combat sports by bringing home the UB belt across the border.

Amir”Akid” (Malaysia)
Amir with the ringname known as Akid KL the son of Sifu Amir KL, one of the assistant coach in Amir KL Squad. After he finished SPM he enrolled and completed the Discover Muaythai Programme at Dragon Muaythai under an ex World Muaythai champ KruSlatan. He has been busy training and get as much fight as possible whether in Muaythai, K1 or Boxing.
With his recent victory in semipro boxing, he now has his eyes on UB’s : Legends Never Die Super 4 Title Belt, lets see what this kid can do.

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Team Relentless India is back to Malaysia. This time bringing 4 formidable fighters
from (R to L ) Anil Mehta, Manthan Rane, Akshata Khadtare and Rudransh Azad
Anil Mehta is not a stranger to the fight scene in Malaysia. in UB 23 he takes on Nik Danial Hazeq (Red Wolves MT) in 65kg catch weight K1 Kickboxing bout.

Previously he won the amateur 16 man Under 65kgs tournament at STAND K1 series 2 in Sabah. He then went up a weight category and was a runner up of the STAND series 3 Semi Pro 8 man Under 70kgs tournament. Anil also holds the 65kgs Sabah FIGHT FEST title and won the pro Muayhai SABAH FIGHT VIP Cup.

Manthan “Metal” Rane is the youngest member of Team Relentless but what he lacks in age he covers up in combat sports experience.
After winning the Yodhha FC India Bantamweight title in what can be called a stellar fashion, on 15th July he will test his skills against Shihab “Whirlwind” Mustafi in Bantamweight Amateur MMA bout at the Ultimate Beatdown 23.

Manthan won the Semi Pro 8 man Under 65kgs tournament at STAND K1 and is next in line for the title shot for STAND K1 Under 65kgs belt. Win, lose or draw one this is guaranteed that it Manthan is gonna make people sit up and take notice of his skills.

Akshata “Thug” Khadtare is the only female fighter on the roster of Team Relentless (but the biggest bully in the team). In Women’s Strawweight MMA bout, she will take on one of top ranked female fighters in the region, Tan Shi Yin of Singapore.

After winning the AIMMAF National Championship, Akshata will put her unbeaten record on the line in her international debut tonight. Having finished her training camp under the guidance of Darren Senz de Silva, Head Coach and owner of  Fight G MMA , Akshata is confident that she will be able to bring home the victory for the team. Keep a watch out for The Thug as she is just beginning her journey to the top of Women’s Straw weight Division

In an all Borneo fight in the Bantamweight MMA will see Aaron Lo  vs Mohd Saufi (ADN MMA Brunei)
Aaron is riding on a 2 fight winning streak. His last victory was Mac’s UB 22 in a 3 round decision win. Before that he won over Nazipan in Fight Fest Sabah in last’s year October.
This Sarawakian lad is working as an accountant. Aaron use to train under Matt Pellino and his martial arts brothers in arms such Jace Law ( MIMMA 3 Lightweight Champion ) & Stephen Onn Jenggieng ( WBC pro Boxer ) and Ahmadjon Karimov ( MIMMA 3 Foreign pride Champion ) in the Gym Box Kuching.
Aaron has good boxing skills and a underated ground game. His advantage will be his never say die attitude. He keeps on coming like a locomotive.
His opponent Mohd Saufi represent ADN MMA from Brunei. Started in kickboxing, he recently in MMA debut in MMA; fought in Rampage FC winning his fight in 3 rounds decision
Aaron Law fighting in UB ( pix by MMA Latest )
Saufi winning in Rampage FC
UFC’s Karate Hottie Michelle Waterson promoting Ultimate Beatdown 23  (click to watch)
* majority infor taken from Ultimate Beatdown Facebook.