This weekend is going to be Super! Super because Grand Merdeka Super Fight is on!

Happening at Grand Merdeka Mall KK’s latest shopping mall in Bandar Sierra (roughly 30 mins drive from Kota Kinabalu).

This event is organised by Kinabalu Fighters and sponsored by Grand Merdeka Mall, Mian Sports Equipment and Tritonic isotonic drink.

It is part of the Summer Festival calender of events organised at Grand Merdeka Mall which happens in the month of August and September. Some of the other programs include Cosplay Fiesta, Borneo Wheels Day and Grand Merdeka Battleground.


This event according to organising chairman Johan Julian Abdullah is to further grow K1 Kickboxing among newbies. Giving amateur fighters a chance to step into the ring to gain valuable fight experience, under the sanctioning of ISKA.

A total of 80 fighters have signed up for Grand Merdeka Super Fight.  In the first day 25 Aug will see kids and teens category. Under 12, 12-14 and 15-17. A large numbers of these kids and teens are from D’Sha Tawau, lead by coach Sharon Andrea Gerald and also SMK Pulau Gaya lead by coach Dhillon Tahing of Revolution Gym

On Sunday 26 Aug, adults category will start at 12pm and end with the highlights, two semi-pro bouts. 60kg Super-fight and 85 kg Super-Fight. Semi-pro rules allow for knee to the body and double hand clinch but no elbow strikes.

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” We have a huge amount of kids and teens. We run it using class system to categorised the experience of the fighters to ensure a fair and even fight. Class D for adults debut or just 1 fight experience. Class C – Young Guns for those with 4 fights or less. Class B is for those with 4 fights or above.”
 Johan Julian


1st bout, for the 60kg Super-Fight.

Fadzly Bin Julai (Warmonger) vs Aziz ‘The Shantung Zhai’ ( Kinabalu Fighters). Both these fighters have been in many title bouts ( kickboxing & Muaythai) but has come out empty handed.

Fadzly participated in last month in Labuan’s STAND Muaythai Super 4, Fadzly lost in the final. Just few days ago he took a boxing bout in Lekir Ultimate Fight in KL but lost.

In 2016, Fadzly and Aziz met for the 1st time in a Muaythai pro fight. Fadzly lost that fight. So many fights, so close yet so far…come this Sunday he is determined to go back Miri with a title belt on his waist.

As for Aziz, he has been very active in Muaythai and Kickboxing. He most recently won a Sanda bout in Labuan. In Kickboxing he lost in B-MAEX title fight last year in a close fight and in Fight Fest. But this kid does not have ‘giving up’ in his dictionary. He keeps moving forward and will also be putting his best strike forward to ensure the belt is his.

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2nd bout is for the 85kg title.

Deanver Randall of Kinabalu Fighters will step into the ring vs Zachenzie Z Douni of Keningau MMA.

Deanver is from Tawau and started training in Kinabalu Fighters 2 years ago and comes from TaeKwonDo background. He debut his kickboxing fight in SIDMA Young Guns last year. He is on a 6 fight winning streak with wins at various events suchs as BAC, Ultimate Beatdown Borneo and Fight Fest. He feels that it’s time for him to win a title belt to further motivate him forward.

Zachenzie is a prodigy from Keningau. Zach has various experience participating in Muaythai, Kickboxing, MMA and Grappling. He is only 18 and already collected 1 gold and 1 silver for his Kickboxing bouts. He has boundless energy, preparing for his title fight this Sunday, he is also squeezing in a BJJ match on Saturday at KK BJJ Championship