Way back 30 years ago in 1987, Kinabalu Climbathon was organised. What started off as an event where Sabah Parks’ intention of creating a rapid rescue squad made up of a team of rangers who can bring down injured climbers fast became an iconic event which challenges runners in a very scenic Mt Kinabalu trial to the highest peak in South East Asia.

Then in year 2000, Sabah became the host of Eco Challenge, the world’s premier expedition race that traverse through the jungle of Sabah. It spark off a few other adventure race in the region, but soon after a few years, quiet down.
Then in 2008, Borneo International Marathon, organised by the late Andrew Voon was held. It kick-start a serious running culture in the people of Borneo.

Borneo being the land where historically the local tribe are well known for their warrior heritage plus the adventurous nature of the land, are still lacking of a truly iconic obstacle race in the style of Viper Challenge, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc. The demand is there but no organiser has yet step up to the plate.

Many were very disappointed when two years ago as the highly anticipate Borneo Mud Challenge turned out to be a con job. Many that has registered was left hanging when the organisers disappear. Many Borneon and adventure enthusiast hunger for an obstacle challenge was left unfulfilled.

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This problem ends this Saturday 19 August 2017 as Tribal Warrior Challenge (TWC) will take place at Sarawak Negeri Stadium in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, the Malaysian Borneo state.

TWC is organise by Borneo Tru Events, a powerhouse event management company that has excellent track record of very successful events in Borneo. For TWC, Borneo Tru Events invite all adrenaline junkies to ‘Challenge Your Inner Warrior’ as they introduce this adrenaline charged obstacle based challenge that is set to push the physical and mental limits of the participants.

Endorsed by Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture , Youth & Sports and in partnership with Sarawak Convention Bureau and technical partner, Viper Challenge (Asia’s biggest obstacle event), it is expected to draw around 1000 participants.

YB Datuk Karim Hamzah  (middle ) endorsing the event through Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports

One of the 3 categories of the Tribal Warrior Challenge, the 5km ‘Bizst Mode’ will be set exclusively for business events sector and SCB selected participants in conjunction with Sarawak Convention Bureau’s Redefining Global Tribes Campaign, which is modeled on Sarawak’s 3 key tribal values; Unity, Community and Identity.

Working alongside its tribal allies, Redefining Global Tribes seeks to drive the impact of Business Events to construct a stronger and globally diverse economy for Malaysia.

TWC will offer to the public two categories for warriors of all fitness levels, such as the ‘Rite of Passage’ – a 7km race for families and individuals who wish to test their mettle – or the ‘Headhunter’, a 10km race designed for serious fitness enthusiasts.

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Viper Challenge, as the technical partner is known as Asia’s Largest Obstacle Running event which began in 2013, bringing in their signature obstacle and boost enthusiasm amongst the participants.

Terence Lim, General Manager of Borneo Tru Events, said
“The trails will be set within the beautiful landscapes of Borneo. In designing the Tribal Warrior Challenge, which is the first of its kind in Sarawak, we wanted to package it as a completely unique, wholesome and unforgettable experience set against unique panorama!”

Ooohaa! The warrior pose from (L to R) Simran Latif (Viper Challenge), Silas Michael (Borneo Tru Events Sdn Bhd), Terence Lim (Borneo Tru Events), Amelia Roziman (Sarawak Convention Bureau), and Awang Saifeluddin (Grit Event Management) during the Tribal Warrior Challenge Press Conference.

Tribal Warrior Challenge will be a platform to promote team building, corporate retreats, boot camps, and orientation and incentive trips to Sarawak.

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finish the challenge = bring home a sexy medal fit for a WARRIOR.

For more information on Tribal Warrior Challenge, please visit www.tribalwarrior.com or Like their Facebook page for more updated information.