This year’s Merdeka Day will be very special for combat sports fans in Sabah. Muay Fight Night (MFN) will returns with its 2nd edition. This competition will be held at the Team Karabaw Gym HQ at 88 Marketplace, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu.

This edition will be special as it’s offering the first ever Muay Thai Ladies Cup. This Ladies Cup competition is the first women only Muay Thai tournament held in Malaysia.

On top of that a Wai Khru  competition which is open to both male & female will also be first time competed in Borneo. This competition is open to all Muay Thai association club and gym.

Wai Khru is the form of patterns or ritual which is commonly display before a Muay Thai competition (check out the link for more information)

MFN 2 is a continuous development program set in place by Muaythai Association of Sabah, headed by Hj Nazri Razak, the president.

MFN 2 – Ladies Cup intend to give female Muay Thai participants a chance to display their skills in the ring at an amatuer level. Female Muay Thai practitioner will be able to showcase what they have learn over the few months of preparation by their respective team.

click to watch the intro videos from some of the Ladies Cup participants
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This competition also intends to be a catalyst for female to pick up Muay Thai as a form of self defense, building a healthier & fit body and as a way to boost their confidence and self believe.

It takes courage to enter the ring. Many fighting on this Merdeka day will be a first timer which is a good sign as this shows that more and more newbies are participating.

MuayThai Sabah has many program to unearth and develop Muay Thai talent through tournament such as Inter-District and Inter-Club, in MFN 2 Muaythai Sabah decided to introduce Wai Khru as a competition to encourage Muay Thai practitioner to learn the art aspect of Muay Thai.

Through learning of Wai Khru, participants are able to learn the deeper meaning & roots of Muay Thai, delving into it’s history and tradition and learning the cultural & art aspect. At the same time, building ethics, etiquette and respect.

It is also a very good sign that many of Wai Khru participants are teenagers, these is a positive sign as to build a strong foundation you need to mold them from young.

It will certainly be a entertaining fight night with these two new competition first time held here. Don’t miss out the event, celebrate Merdeka by supporting your local martial art event!