8th October 2016, Kuala Lumpur – Sea of flames have engulfed Stadium Negara as MIMMA Grand Finals returned for the 4thinstalment, featuring 9 championship bouts of home grown talents battling out for a taste of glory and the ultimate Gold in amateur MMA, the Tune Talk MIMMA Fighting Championship title belt. A property of Tune Talk, Malaysian Invasion Season 4 Grand Finals is the conclusion of an almost year-long national Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament which has produced previous champions like Muhd Aiman, Keanu Subba and Agilan Thani, who are now fighting professionally at the international stage. Adding up to the already impressive fight card, 2 feature fights were included, as to raise the standard of the event to an unprecedented level.

Tonight we saw the crowning of 5 new MIMMA Champions, who have shown that the standard of Malaysian MMA is at a new high. Darren Low, the MIMMA Heavyweight Champion had to fight to the end in order to defend his title while Meeraj Omar is still the top middleweight fighter in Malaysia. Seah Zhang Yu proved that the flyweight title will remain in Penang for another year with his impressive performance defeating a boxing legend.

Official Fight Results:

Feature Fight 1: Indonesia VS Malaysia : Riko Chen defeated Hafizul Hakeem via RNC (23 seconds)
Both fighters have ample experience being inside the MIMMA cage with Hafizul reaching the highest level, which was the grand finals last year. But the fight tonight went to Riko Chen as he did not waste any time sinking a Rear Naked Choke, getting the tap out, only 23 seconds in the first round.

Feature Fight 2: MIMMA Veteran VS New Blood: Vinod Dave Greywal defeated Aaron Tan via Ground and Pound in round 2
Ruthless and intense. Two words that explain the fight between both talented fighters. Although Aaron Tan showed great heart in answering all Vinod’s attacks. But experience wins tonight at Vinod obtained the win via ground and pound in round 2.

Main Card: Malaysian Invasion 4 Championship Bouts

Foreign Pride: Shaqueme Rock defeated Nazri Sutari via Triangle. 2.35 R2. Shaqueme is the new Foreign Pride Champion.
Going into the fight, both fighters come from a high level martial arts background. A balanced first round with both putting in a great show for all the fight fans. Shaqueme came out the winner of the night with a triangle, 2.32 in round 2.

Women’s Championship: Hayatun Najihin defeated Joanna Yap via unanimous decision. She is now the new MIMMA Women’s Champion.
Both finalists fought hard with advantages switching from one to another. Najihin started to dominate late into the first round and after 5 rounds of domination, she was awarded a unanimous win via our judges.

Welterweight: Theebaan Govindasamy defeated Gino Tan via Guillotine Choke. 2.54 in 
Round 3. 
Theebaan came into the cage with one thing on his mind and he did all he could to make sure he goes home with the belt around his waist. After 2 rounds of hard striking action and intelligent ground strategies and getting dominated by Gino Tan at times, Theebaan takes the win via guillotine choke.

Heavyweight: Darren Low defeated Tsan Nieng Khai via unanimous decision and remains the MIMMA Heavyweight Champion.
A very entertaining fight from Darren and Nieng Khai, trading leather since the very start of Round 1. A worthy opponent, Nieng Khai managed to put up a good fight against the abominable Darren Low and it was an all-out war.

Middleweight: Muhd Meeraj defeated Bryant Tan via TKO (Punches). 2.30 in Round 1. Muhd Meeraj is the new Malaysian Invasion Middleweight Champion.
Meeraj and Bryant both started trading strikes and that was not a good strategy for Bryant as Meeraj showered him with a barrage of heavy punches. Meeraj remains as the MIMMA Middleweight Champion.

Flyweight: Seah Zhang Yu defeated Eddey Kalai via rear naked choke and still MIMMA Flyweight Champion.
When 2 of the best striker collided, the fight produced was an epic one. Both fighters looked like they were having fun, taunting each other while trading leather. The fight ended with Zhang Yu submitting Eddey Kalai via rear naked choke.

Lightweight: Hui Keng Fai defeated Jace Law via Rear Naked Choke. 2.56 in Round 5.
One of the most anticipated fights of the year, the heavy hitters have nicknames based on their ability to knock people out. Jace “JKO” Law and Keng “KOF” Fai went into the fight taking their time, studying each other’s strategy. But Keng Fai is also someone who has a great ground game. Great punches and combinations were produced. With one takedown followed by a rear naked choke, Keng Fai is the new MIMMA Lightweight Champion.

Bantamweight: Damon Soo defeated Effendey Kalai via Rear Naked Choke in round 2. Damon Soo is the new MIMMA Bantamweight Champion.
A traditional MMA fight between a striker and a grappler, Damon Soo went to work taking the fight to the ground. Damon Soo did not subdue to Effendey’s striking game and continued on to submit Effendey via rear naked choke.

Featherweight: Cheah Wen Khyn defeated Joseph Yap via submission (rear naked choke)
Another grappler vs striker bout. Joseph looked to be extra cautious in throwing his strikes. Cheah Wen Khyn took the chance to dominate and ended the fight with a rear naked choke.


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