Recently there’s a surge of interest back to boxing. Boxing seems to take a back seat in popularity a few years back with the rapid growth of MMA becoming the most popular combat sports. Of course the hardcore fans of boxing still follow it’s development.

BJJ and grappling arts dominated MMA as from the first UFC shows that grappling can neutralize an opponent’s striking game. But of recent development, strikers are making a comeback in MMA. Strikers such as Conor McGregor, Stephen Thompson, Robbie Lawler, Joanna Jędrzejczyk, are showing that to stand and strike can win the fight in spectacular fashion.
In the local Malaysian MMA scene, strikers caught the attention as they put on great display of skills and techniques. In MIMMA4 we saw Sabahan boxers, brothers Effendy and Eddie Kalai perform in the Grand Finals. Eddie showing great display of techniques in his memorable fight with equally great striker in Seah Zhang Yu.
We also saw the epic Grand final fight between Sarawakian Jace Law vs Hui Keng Fai of Selangor. Both gave a remarkable display of boxing techniques. Also in the middleweight, Muhd Meeraj, a pro boxer continued his dominance with his fist.
In July 2017 WBC Boxing Fest was held in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, pitting some senior and upcoming Malaysian boxer in a grand event. The event venue was packed and was followed closely from many in the social media too.
STAND which is a promotion base in Kota Kinabalu aim to bring back the interest to boxing in the local combat sports scene, especially for Sabah. STAND started off it’s first edition in April 2016 with focus on developing the striking art by organising events that mixed amateur K1 Kickboxing Tournament and amateur boxing.
The hype and attention that McGregor vs Mayweather brings certainly does a lot of help to the sports of boxing, hence comes the time to have an event that specially cater for boxers.
This Saturday 14 OCTBER 2017 , happening at the KARABAW HQ GYM in Kepayan 88 Market Place, Kota Kinabalu, more than 50 boxers has confirmed their participations. This is the 6th edition of STAND
6 weight category for men and 4 for women will be competed. As for kids category, Super Fights are scheduled to go down.
This boxing bouts is sanctioned by ISKA and will be 2 minutes of 3 rounds.
Junior Super Fights category will be feature in STAND 6
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Below are the participants list:

1. Erda 46kg – Rhino Fitness
2. Sherry Bingku 52kg – Team Karabaw KK
3. Amanda Wang 56kg –Team Karabaw KK
4. Leyvonne Grace 46kg –Team Karabaw Tamparuli
5. Baeby 46kg – Borneo Red Lion

Men 49kg
1. Mohd Latip Sopian – Wira Amatuer Boxing
2. Ahmad Sharifful – Eagle Boxing Club
3. Dexter Alex – Team Karabaw Tamparuli
4. Rajinus Sadah – Kinabalu Fighters

Men 52kg
1. Zul -Tims Muaythai Gym
2. Arick Apar – Tlb33
3. Jearexson Jenus –Team Karabaw Papar
4. Aron Aguilar – Noypi Boxing Club
5. Edwin Aping – Team Karabaw Keningau
6. Matthew Thien – Team Karabaw Keningau
7. Along – Borneo Red Lion
8. Adi Erawan –Team Karabaw Tamparuli

Men 56kg
1. Franky – Tim’s Muaythai Gym
2. Ahmad Khairuness – Team Karabaw Papar
3. Eric – Rhino Fitness
4. Lanloo – Team Karabaw KK
5. Zizul – Borneo Red Lion
6. Sonwil Juandiego – Noypi Boxing Club

Men 60kg
1. Willybrord Paul – Bts Tambunan
2. Frederick Well -Tlb33
3. Brian Owen Oswald – Team Karabaw Papar
4. D Mezander -Team Ug Zero
5. Junaydi Siyuti – Team Karabaw Tamparuli
6. Kenny Chong – Kalai Bros
7. Kevin Costner Albert -Teamkarabaw Keningau

Men 64kg
1. Daniel Eldon – Bts Tambunan
2. Nazree Salim – Tlb33
3. Azrullah Sulaiman –Team Karabaw Papar
4. Mc May – Wira Amatuer Boxing

Men 69
1. Joachim Sinti –Team Karabaw KK
2. Adrian Junior -Tlb33
3. Oliver Ehan – Team Karabaw Papar
4. Mohammad Hudzaifah -Wira Amatuer Boxing

Men 75kg
1. Michael John – Noypi Boxing Club
2. Lee Jian Wei – Wira Amatuer Boxing
3. Samuel Johnson – Eagle Boxing Club

Men 81kg
1. Muhammad Irfan – 9x Boxing Club
2. Tristan Jimidol – Noypi Boxing Club
3. Mohd Hisyam – Team Ug Zero
4. Stanley David – Tlb33
5. Shamir Naim – Eagle Boxing Club
6. Andrew – Borneo Red Lion

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Kids Fight
1. Daniel Tornado 40kg -Borneo Phoenix
2. Anwar Ridwan 29kg – Skas
3. Asyraf Danial 44kg – Revolution Gym
4. Daniel 44kg – Team Karabaw Papar
5. Azman 30kg – Team Karabaw Papar
6. Eddli 50kg – Revolution Gym
7. Adolf 50kg – Team Karabaw Papar
8. Kawai 40kg – Team Karabaw Papar
9. Affudin Sabi 32kg – Team Karabaw Tamparuli
10. Larry 32kg – Team Karabaw Papar

Junior Superfight
1. Oyan 60kg – Tim’s Muaythai
2. Akmal Aizal 60kg – Team Karabaw Papar
3. Hamdin 47kg – 66 Unicorn
4. Siang-Siang 47kg – Team Karabaw Papar
5. Izzat Zachery 50kg – Team Karabaw Tamparuli
6. Mohd Shazwan 50kg – Eagle Boxing Club


According to Johnny Nguyen of
“Boxing is called the sweet science because you have to find this perfect balance, this mythical perfect place, between hitting and not getting hit.

The special requirement of this simultaneous contrast is what makes boxing so amazing. It requires technique, obviously, but so much more beyond that. Finesse? Slickness? Swagger? Art?

If it was just technique, they would call it science. But because there’s a little something extra that you have to put in with your technique, and something that’s hard to put a finger on, they call it a sweet science.

I guess I would say boxing is called the sweet science because puts on display the art of the counter-punch. You are evading a dangerous attack while at the same time landing that knockout shot. And it’s beautiful when you see it again and again.”

The highlight of STAND will be the junior category where, young athletes are given an opportunity to execute the sweet science.
Borneo have many talents that need to be bring to the forefront. With platform such as STAND, amateur boxers can hone their skills and gain experience through many amateur fights. Let’s hope STAND can unearth potential Champion one day
Coach Randell (middle) with his Team Karabaw preparing for STAND 6

Check out STAND FB page for fight card