Labuan, the beautiful island located at the west side of Sabah Borneo, is set to welcome martial arts enthusiasts from around the region for the 6th edition of BMAEX ( Borneo Martial Art Expo ) 2023 at Palm Beach Resort.

The island, known for its picturesque landscapes and cultural diversity, is set to witness an extraordinary event that will celebrate the spirit of martial arts and showcase the talents of warriors from various martial arts disciplines.

BMAEX. The brainchild of Coach Alvin Chong of BCG MMA Academy (Labuan) whom is also ISKA Borneo Director, dreamed of an event that can bring together different martial arts under one event that can promotes the spirit of unity & cooperation. ( read the launch of the first event here )

2023 will be the 6th edition for BMAEX. The organizers have meticulously prepared for this grand event, transforming the island into a haven for martial arts aficionados. Spectators and participants alike will be treated to a vibrant display of martial arts excellence, cultural exchange, and the forging of lifelong friendships.

The expo promises to be a melting pot of martial arts disciplines, with practitioners from a myriad of styles gathering under one roof. Traditional martial arts like Wushu, Silat, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo will share the stage with modern combat sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and kickboxing. This diverse representation of martial arts showcases the rich heritage and evolution of combat techniques across Malaysia & the region.

In previous edition, BMAEX also organizes talks & seminars. This is not only martial arts via the physical aspect but also via the mental aspect by having speakers sharing their knowledge & experience to improve, inspire & motivate.

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BMAEX also wants to be a platform that promotes eco friendly activities. Participants are encourage to join the cleaning activities along the Batu Manikar beach fronting Palm Beach Resort.

You will also see a group of BCG MMA Academy students of Alvin, they are mostly stateless (which means they are children of immigrants, born in Labuan but does not have citizenship anywhere )
Alvin took them in, give them martial arts training , instilling them martial arts value ( respect, honour, integrity & discipline ). From the help of Alvin’s friend’s, gym member & other volunteers, also help to give these children basic education in maths, language, cooking & other life skills. Alvin has started this program for them for the last few years

Over the years, these students has developed into a group of well discipline & helpful group of children. You will see them helping in many task for BMAEX & at the same time participate as athletes. This is Alvin’s way of using martial arts to contributing to the community & building a better society around him.

Some of the stateless children wearing the official ISKA uniform, giving a great performance in the forms competition

What is very special about BMAEX is definitely the award night. Held usually on the welcoming dinner ceremony. This award for martial artist in Malaysia, was initially just an idea I shared during the early days of Warriors.Asia ( formerly known as Warriors of Borneo blogspot ), which caught the attention of Alvin & through his great effort made it a reality.

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Some of the pass year recipient

B-MAEX is the only organization in Malaysia & perhaps in this region that have this type of award. This award is to recognize individual or martial artist that has given great contribution to improve the community through martial arts.

These year recipient are:

Master Yeo Kok Huan – SMAC Studio
Master Adey Hj Hussin – ZeroOneEight
Marc Marcillenus – Borneo Tiger MMA
Chio Ren Sinag – Nanhua Sanda
Imran Harith – Dscover Muaythai Academy
Coach Chong Yun Sang (RAMBO) – You Ling Wushu

One of the highly anticipated parts of BMAEX is the Super-fight. This year’s bout promise to be action packed as organisers has match-make fighters with great experience & new comers that are full of fighting spirit.

These fighters have spent countless hours honing their skills, pushing their limits, and competing throughout 2023 to gain fight experience. Now, they stand ready to demonstrate their expertise in front of an audience that appreciates their dedication and passion.

Borneo Martial Art Expo is not merely a competition; it is a celebration of the indomitable human spirit, the pursuit of excellence, friendship, and the power of martial arts to bring people together. It is an event that embodies the values of respect, unity, and camaraderie, reminding us all of the unifying power of sports and the beauty of cultural exchange.

Get ready to witness jaw-dropping displays of skill, breathtaking performances, and the forging of lifelong friendships as BMAEX becomes the epicenter of martial arts excellence.