This really feels like the good old days of MIMMA. RAGE MMA is putting together a fight card that is full of great fighters.  Fighters from the early days when MMA just started developing in Malaysia & new generation fighters, that continue the legacy.

Today the face off ceremony was held at RAGE home ground, The Cage at Lalaport .  The fighters, the fans, the organizers—all had their eyes set on one goal: to witness the birth of new legends, to witness the triumph of will and skill under the bright lights of the RAGE MMA cage. And so, as the stage was set, the final countdown began, building anticipation for tonight (9 DEC) night that would be etched in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

18 MMA bouts will see, 1 Pro fight , 17 MMA amateur rules. From the prelims to undercard & right up to the main event promise to be explosive and will keep fight fans on the edge of their seats. 

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The main event & co-main event is going to be full on banger!

Nigel Lakai, from Sarawak. Born of the ethnic tribe of Kelabits from Miri. He and his younger brother Nathaniel Lakai ( MIMMA 5 2018 Lightweight Champion ) of Team Tribe MMA has been training in MMA close to 10 years. Honing their skills in Warmonger Training Academy

Nigel is a tall fighter at 187cm, this will be his debut for Pro MMA. 

Nickname The Slenderman, due to his lanky figure. Nigel began his martial arts journey with Muaythai, then progress to BJJ and eventually combine both in MMA. He has more than 15 fights. In MMA he has a record of 4-2-0 gaining experience from Ultimate Beatdown in Johor & Octagon Fighting Championship in Penang

Nigel will be fighting Abdelrahman from Egypt

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Co-main event of Teguh vs Mehrubon highly likely will see a KO. 

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Teguh 31 years old  from Penang looks to extent his winning streak to 4. He has an amateur MMA record of 10-2-0. Twice the finalist for Octagon MMA title fight. His last fight at Octagon MMA – Malaysia Fight Night finally sees him got a satisfying victory, winning via Ground & pound in round 2. He has great cardio & are not afraid to battle in out in the pocket.

His opponent from Tajikistan is the hard hitter Mekhrubon Mardonov, or fondly known as Bon. He was among the pioneer MMA fighters that train in Sarawak in around 8-9 years ago in Gymbox Kuching. Bon posses great KO power as was witness by myself as he won the Jesselton Fight League lightweight belt via a vicious head kick.

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Co main 2, Bobby Tan vs Aaron Lo.

Bobby is the new generation of MMA fighters after the glory days of MIMMA 5. He is 27 years old and has an amateur MMA record of 3-2-0. From the state of Perak, he has a BJJ base. He trains & teach at Affinity MMA Malacca & also a Wushu Sanda instructor with (MSN) Majlis Sukan Negara.

Aaron Lo from Kuching is one of the pioneering fighters that started to train MMA in Gymbox during the early years of 2013-2015. Among them were Jace Law (MIMMA Lightweight Champion), Stephen Onn  Jenggieng  ( MIMMA 2 Grand finale finalist ), Tsan Nieng Khai ( MIMMA 5 heavyweight Champion )… many of them have moved on to other things in life, but Aaron still persevere and actively competing in various competition.

He has an amateur record of 8-5-0. He was Ultimate Beatdown 24 (2017) Bantamweight Champion. Aaron has a fighting style that embrace the grind & will come forward no matter what. He founded his own gym – Purebred Kickboxing & MMA and has been teaching new fighters his no nonsense approach to fighting.

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Sarawak is making a stand in RAGE MMA. Aside from Nigel, Aaron & Mekhrobon ( resides in Sarawak ), in the main event, another Sarawakian also will be featured Fadzly Nadzier. One of the senior member of Warmonger Training Academy, Miri. Fadzly amateur MMA record is 1-4-0, but has many wins in Kickboxing & Muaythai. In march 2019, Fadzly was champion for STRIKE : Redemption 56kg Kickboxing  Aside from skills in striking, Fadzly is also a blue belt in BJJ.

He used to be crazy about football but combat sports is now his passion & also coach in Warmonger. 

Johnson Pang at 29 years old is an experience fighter with an amateur MMA record of 5-2-0. Fighting out of Fightfam MMA, he was the flyweight champion of Octagon Fighting Championship, exactly 1 year ago this date.

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Another fighter fighting out of Sarawak is Koo Jin Fuh. He is a Bruneian but trains at Warmonger. This baby face fighter is 28 years old. He loves animal and will be feeding strays in the streets if not hard at the gym training. 

But don’t let his cheerful demeanor fool you as he will come at his opponent with constant forward pressure. With an amateur MMA record of 2-2. He began his martial arts journey by training in Boxing and eventually Muaythai, also mixes in Jiu-Jitsu. Nowadays he just typically mix up his training in MMA.

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Come at experience good MMA fight in a custom build arena at The Cage. Open in September this year,  this is where good food meets great fights. You can enjoy watching fights from a very comfy and classy environment, and to make the experience more enjoyable, you can order sumptuous food from it’s awesome menu offerings.

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