Dazaisy Hafiy Aznee, emerged victorious against his Thai opponent in yesterday’s (4 DEC ) fight in River Park, ICONSIAM, Thailand

Hafiy ( blue corner )

This was a special event fight by invitation only for the launch of MUAYTHAI SOFT POWER 2023 Festival, an explosive Thai boxing battle for the Royal Cup. King’s Cup – Queen’s Cup 3-5 December 2023.

Dazaisy being the No.1 rank Malaysia Muaythai fighter in his category was specially invited to take the bout against Teedach Ponwan of Thailand under IFMA rules.

Two others young Malaysian No.1 fighter in their category was also invited, they are Mohd Rifdean from Perak & Damia Husna from Johor. 

with IFMA President Dr Sakchye

Dazaisy is from Sandakan, Sabah. His family calls him Dafy and in his gym being one of the youngest are fondly call ‘Adik’ (little brother in Malay), but he was given an aggressive fight name. His head coach & mentor  Maman Ajmain gives him the fight name of Drakula66.

“The name Drakula66 was because he strikes with speed and accuracy not found on kids his age and his experience. He was very new, but when he executed the attacks, he was so fast and accurate. Almost supernatural”Maman

He is only 11 years old this year but already have an impressive achievement in his young fight life. He trains in 66 Unicorn Muaythai & Combat Art coach by Roy Jones & under the close guidance of Head coach Maman Ajmain has accomplish great results.

1. Sabah Muaythai Expo Kepayan 2022 – Champion
2. Kejohanan Muaythai Remaja Kebangsaan Kuantan 2022 – Champion
3. IFMA World Youth Muaythai Championships Kuala Lumpur 2022 – Champion
4. 66 Unicorn Fight Night Sandakan 2022 – Champion
5. Sabah Muaythai Challenge Kota Kinabalu 2022 – Champion & Best Boxer Junior
6. Sabah Muaythai Expo Kota Marudu 2023 – Champion
7. Kejohanan Muaythai Antara Kelab Peringkat Kebangsaan 2023 – Champion
8. Sabah Muaythai Expo Tawau 2023 – Champion & Best Boxer Junior
9. Kejohanan Muaythai Pro Kebangsaan Ranking NO. 1 & Tali Pinggang WMC Malaysia – Champion, Malaysian Junior Champion Belt, Malaysia Ranking Number 1
10. Kejohanan Muaythai Piala Premier Sarawak 2023 – Champion

Hafiy (middle) with coach & mentor. Roy Jones (left) Maman Ajmain (right)

His father Aznee Tanyu is a business owner, a friend of head coach Maman whom belong to the same charity NGO giving aid to the community during Covid-19 lock down. When 66 Unicorn Gym reopen after a break since 2018, Aznee brought his children, Dazrey Dinnie and Dazaisy to learn and train Muaythai at 66 Unicorn gym.

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“When he first came to the gym following his elder brother, he was very shy and clingy to his brother. Once he is comfortable, though, he became a very lively kid. He is so observant, and fast learner. Always polite and a very good kid. We noticed that he possess a very high fight IQ for a young kid his age. A talented and hardworking young fighter.” – Maman

Last night fight at Muaythai Soft Power 2023 festival put Dazaisy undefeated record to 26-0-0

Dazaisy was born in Sandakan, Sabah & study in primary 5 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Merpati Sandakan. This kid love sports in general & have a liking to football but is currently Muaythai is his first love.

Successful outing for Team 66 Unicorn. Hafiy winning the Champion trophy at Sarawak Premier Cup Muaythai Championship in Oct 2023, together with his winning senior team mates Riedzwan & brother Dazrey

Today ( 5 DEC ), will see another two no.1 rank Malaysian Muaythai athlete step into the ring for pro fight. Mohd Rifdean from Perak & Damia Husna from Johor.  Rifdean will fight Petchsupan of Thailand

While Damia will fight Shannon Kelly of UK.

About MUAYTHAI SOFT POWER 2023 Festival

in September, Thailand established the National Soft Power Strategy Committee,

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The committee picked 11 segments for soft power and pledged to implement the Thailand Creative Content Agency (THACCA) Act, which will enable a single agency to set policies for soft power segments.

The 11 segments comprise: fashion, books, film and drama series, festivals, food, design, tourism, gaming, music, art and sport, and one of the main sports the government plans to promote via soft power is Muay Thai.

“Soft Power of Muaythai” is an initiative by the Royal Thai Government, with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Sport Authority of Thailand, and National Sports Development Fund.

The Royal Thai Government showed their pride that Muaythai has been not only recognized by the international Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, the European Olympic Committee, the African Sports Union, but that there are over 150 recognized world federations promoting muaythai as a way of life.

The grand launch & gala dinner at ICONSIAM

Through Muaythai, ancient values and traditions have been passed down and have become a way of life around the world.

The IFMA President Dr Sakchye mentioned the inclusion of Muaythai in the European Olympic Games, the success of the World Combat Games, the re-inclusion of Muaythai in the World Games.