I will be featuring techniqes instructional by martial arts personality from Borneo & Malaysia.
It’s an honour to have Allen Solomon Chong ( TUF China Alumni / MIMMA1 Lightweight Champion ) to grace the 1st of this series in my blog
This technique, as explained by Allen himself is specially feature for Headhunters 5 which will be on from 5-6 December 2015. It’s to counter when your opponent tries for a single leg take down…not just any type of single leg counters, but a…
Handsome single leg counters…

“If opponent attempts the single and you cant create space with the head push, grab the kimura grip on the far arm. Scoot your hips your low and attempt a ‘sumi-gaeshi’ type movement. Ensure smooth transitions throughout. It’s the secret to have good looking hair like me. Remember: good movement make your hair look good on camera.

Maintain the kimura grip and transition into a north-south top control position.

Keep the opponent’s hips at distance whilst you switch your grips as indicated in close up. I must admit, I have very sexy hands.

Grip the meaty part of the palm and wrist and pull towards his shoulders into a one arm kimura.

Key point in movement: my old coach always told me to paint his hands on the floor like a brush to visualise the good movement. Get the tap and look beautiful on camera.

Remember when drilling it out, smooth is fast, fast may not always be smooth. Train hard and train safe!”

– Allen Solomon Chong

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( Check out the video of the technique in my FB page )