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On 10-11 DEC fight fans in Kota Kinabalu was treated to plenty of Muaythai action. Day time saw amateur bouts that went on for the Sabah Muathai Inter-District Championship. Come night time, the action got more intense with pro fights under the banner of Sabah Fight. Click here to check out my previous posting on the winner

In total 10 bouts was presented by Kelab Sukan Inspirasi Kinabalu, Parliament 171 Sepanggar, Sabah Muaythai Association and Kaza Musa Fight Management.

Day 1 started with the Teens Superfight 46kg between Areen “The Heart Break Kid” Khan (Kinabalu Kings) vs Mohd. Nashruddin “The Valiant” (Jaguar Muaythai), which is won by Nashruddin.

Bout 2 was a highly anticipated female Superfight at 51kg. Aurora Chai (D30 Miri) vs Nurul “Chiko” Khairunnisa (Karabaw). Both came into this fight eager to get a win after their lost in the last outing. Aurora lost a close decision in a amatuer MMA superfight in Oct to Barbara Gloria of Sabah Top Team. Meanwhile Chiko lost in Keningau’s STAND Series 3 to another Sabah Top Team member, Gloria Isabelle Hoong in Women 48kg amatuer Kickboxing.

Both were willing to trade strikes when they got close. Aurora initiated most of the attacks and threw higher volumes of strikes. Aurora managed to find target with her high kicks to the head and a well placed teep to the body in 2nd round. Aurora Chai wins the fight but Chiko gave her a parting gift of a huge swelling on Aurora’s forehead due to her elbow.

Bout 3. is for 70kg Men Superfight. Lu Yi Ran (D30) vs Liew Teck Seng (Borneo Tiger MMA). Liew also came into this fight trying to erase the lost to Nidal Mahmoud in STAND 3 Super 8. He came well prepared and really focus.

Lu also look better physically compare to his last outing in Fight Fest 3 in K1. His technique is sharper and faster. But Liew’s was able to exert more force and impact in his strikes. In round 1 Liew landed a huge right that staggered Lu backward and got a standing count.

Liew win this 5 round fight.

Bout 4 co-main event 54kg Men Superfight of Muliadan Danny (66) vs Alexander Fong (Borneo Tribal Squad). Alex has just moved to BTS and this is his comeback fight after a long period away from competitive Muaythai.

In first 2 rounds Alex manage to connect with a couple of overhand right. Alex was the aggressor. Controlled in the clinch and he got most of the sweeps and throw to break Mualiadan’s rhythm. But in 3rd round Muliadan starts to control the ring, attacked more with harder roundhouse.

In 3rd round Alex seems to get back his groove, but as he push forward for an attack, they clinched and in the scuffle, Muliadan connect with an elbow to back of Alex head, Alex protested as he pause and referee gave a verbal reminder to Muliadan on the illegal strike.

Last two round was rather even, but Muliadan attacked more towards the end of round 5 to clinched the victory.

Bout 5, main event 60kg Reyyan Abdul (Kinabalu Kings) vs Randal Kadayum (Kinabalu Fighters). A rematch between this two after last year’s F3 Borneo Series which Reyyan won. Randal’s said he was having fever at that fight and this time he is well prepared and look to avenge the lost.

Round 1 seems both equally strong. Both throwing everything they have. Knee and elbow in the clinch. Mid way through Randal’s left forehead was bleeding.

But listening to his corner’s instruction from Alvin Chong, Randal connected a few high kicks and elbows.

In 4th round, with his southpaw stance Randall attack with his left roundhouse many times. Although this was blocked but it does soften up Reyyan’s arm.

After a restart, Randal lunged in with a right hook that draws Reyyan to defend with his arms and high left knee, as he drop his knee, Randal followed up with a fast roundhouse snap that landed flush on Reyyan’s liver and he immediately sat down to take a breather.
Reyyan didn’t recover from referee’s count giving  Randal the TKO win.

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After fight Randal reveal that this is his retirement fight. At 29 he has already achieved a lot. 2013 Sarawak TYT trophy, 4 D1FC title, 2016 Sarawak TYT Trophy winner, 2016 Elopura Fights Chief of Police Trophy and Borneo Cup 2016 60kg Super Fight.

He is also an accomplished boxer. Among his achievement..2013 Best Boxer, JFL Super 8 Cage Boxing Belt. Sabah Mayor Cup Winner 2012-2016.

Randal made the decision to retire due to the many injuries he has experienced from 5 years of active fighting. He started competing in combat sports at 24 in which he considered himself a late starter. It is also a promise he made to his wife Stephanie Vung. Herself a successful boxer but it still makes her nervous each time watching Randal fight.

Randal whom use to work as a pizza delivery crew now works in Jesselton College as their IT technician but at night he coach at Kinabalu Fighters. This humble fighter said it’s time for the new generations of fighters to take over and for him to start making ‘young ones’ of his own.

But according to Randal, if the state boxing tournament is organised in Tambunan next year, he may come out of retirement temporarily to support the event as he is a native Tambunan boy and would not want to miss the chance to fight in front of his family and hometown crowds.

Day 2 began with teen fight of 38kg: Ag. Mohd “Montoi” of Naga Kinabalu vs Faiz ” Harimau Kumbang ‘ of 66 Unicorn Sandakan.

The crowd that gather to support both fighters was amazing! The atmosphere was as though this was the main event. It’s a positive sign that teen fighters can attract such attention.

The crowd’s cheer was enhance by the antics of Montoi. Trully a showman at a young age. Faiz was the calmer one and it was good to see that he was not perturb with the cheer from the opponent side.

Montoi had the fancier style, but both have their moment. In the end Faiz composed style enable him to execute harder strikes that won him the fight.

Bout 2 was a fight of an experienced senior Mohd Syahrine @ Garebo of Kinabalu Kings vs the young gun, Morris Hii of D-30 Fight Team Miri. This was Morris’s debut pro fight.

Aggressive start in round one by both fighters. Midway through, Garebo looks gassed out as he gasp for air.

2nd round, Morris initiate with impactful kicks and punch. Mid round in a scuffle, Morris tagged Garebo witha hard right, then they scuffle and Morris spin connect with a right elbow on Garebo’s head. Garebo pushed forward, Morris landed a knee as he got pushed back.

As they end up at the ropes, Morris pushed back and threw a knee, didn’t look like it landed flush, but Garebo seems already hurt as he bend down to rest. Ref gave a count and Morris won with TKO.

Next up was female Superfight of 48kg between Murhima Edie – Clownboxx vs Tania of Kinabalu Kings.

Another short fight. This time in round 1. Tania was sharper with snappy roundhouse, as Murhima tries to land haymaker. As Tania did the stalking, she spunned with a reverse elbow, missed but grappled Murhima’s arms as she lands a knee to her rib and hurt Murhima. It was the same spot where Garebo was stopped. Tania won by TKO.

Co main event and main event is the next two fights. These fights was put together after Ronnie of Naga Kinabalu missed weight and the Super 4 bouts was canceled.

For co-main event: Mohd Rizal ‘Ladda’ (Team Karabaw) vs Madjais ‘Opong’ (Kinabalu Kings). Both are experience Muaythai athletes and are game for an all out war.

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Hardly any knees or elbows was thrown in this fight. Rizal initiated most of the attacks. He was able to set up his attacks with hard round kicks to punch combination.

This proof to be his winning factor as in round 4, he caught Opong with a head kick, partially blocked but staggered Opong. He followed up with a low kick checked by Opong, but Rizal landed a right hand on Opong’s face. As Opong retreat, Rizal threw a hard right round house, landed flush on Opong’s abs. This looks like the fight ender but Rizal followed with a flurry of punches and a right hand landed and drops Opong for the count.

KO win for Rizal.

Main event of the night: Anil Mehta of Team Relentless India vs Ronald Tee of Borneo Combat Gym Labuan.

Anil was eager to look for a win. he has been coming to Sabah for fights almost every month. He fought mostly k1 Kickboxing. Starting with a win in STAND 2 in September. He then won the Super Fight in Fight Fest 3 in October, winning the title belt. His 3rd outing was in November’s STAND 3, where he lost the final of Super 8 to Nidal Mahmoud.

This is Anil’s 2 pro Muaythai fight. He is eager for this fight as he prefeedr an elbow war as he was still nursing a knee injury from STAND 3.

Ronald is a young fighter full of potential. At only 20, he already have 6 pro Muaythai fights in his record.

The fight was close. Both fighters had their moments. But Anil had the edge. Scoring a teep to the face in round 2, a push kick knock down in round 3. Round 4, with Anil initiating most attack. He annoyed Ronald with a few hammer fist that pushed Ronald back, an unorthodox strike in Muaythai. Ronald connected a hard roundhouse counter.

5th round, Anil manage to use his length to his advantage. Twice he use his front kick to push back Ronald, and another twice was able to knock Ronald down.

Much respect was shown among each other as they touch gloves and hugs many times after a restart.

Anil won the match to win himself the Datuk Idris Jumat Trophy. His 3rd win in four outings to Sabah.

As a gesture of friendship, Anil hold up the Malaysian flag that Ronald brought in the ring as they both circle around the ring together.

But a commotion ensued afterwards as Ronald’s corner protested the results. The organiser maintained the results and advise any party to go through the official channel for any dispute of results.

Anil travelled back to India to Mumbai where his team Relentless gym is based to share the victory with his coach Jitendre Khare and his other team mates whom has help him prepare for all his fights.

On his way back to his home state Himachal Pradesh in northern India a few days ago, Anil mentioned that it will take him 16 hours by train from Mumbai to Delhi. Then from Delhi, he will take bus to Baddi in Himachal state which takes another 7 hours.

Back in Baddi there’s no martial arts gym. Usually Anil will train on his own. His home town state is a mountainous area, western side of Himalayas and this helps him in building his stamina.

He joined the Police force in 2008 but now he is on a 5 year break till 2020 from his work to focus on his fight career. He will travel to Team Relentless in Mumbai, more than 1700km away to train when he has a fight confirmed.

For the rest of 2016, he will take a break. He plans to come back stronger in 2017, looking to compete in pro Muaythai or pro Kickboxing only. And he aim for at least winning two title.