Combat sports tournament is undeniably growing in Malaysia..&
here in Borneo, Sabah particularly, it is surely building momentum. After local combat sports
fans was feasted to D1 Fighting Championship that was successful held on end of
Jan 2015 in Likas,  another highly
anticipated event  unfold on 7 FEB 2015.
This is JFL 2015 – the ladder match. This is 3 months
after the first event – a knock out round ( try outs ) held on 18 Oct 2014.
31 bouts was schedule on that day at Mini
Putrajaya Auditorium Hall. Initially JFL2015 Ladder Match planned venue was at  Dewan Masyarakat
KK, but DBKK needed the venue for a boxing tournament.
Personally I feel Dewan Masyarakat KK serve as a
better venue in terms of exposing to more non hardcore fans of MMA to get to
know more about MMA, because Dewan Masyarakat is located in KK city and very reachable.
Despite the challenge, the organizing committee
secured Mini Putrajaya Auditorium Hall.
The location may not be ideal, but the venue itself is clean, spacious
& beautiful…( & parking aplenty!). Fighters also this time have a room
to prep themselves before being call to the cage.
But I didn’t like the echo
from the hall though…makes the announcement difficult to hear.
move on to the fights!
First fight I watch was Faizal Dzid ( Team
Karabaw) vs Ali Hobbit ( Unifight 66 ),
Faizal had a beautiful double leg take
down but which also got him into a tight guillotine choke. As he recover &
got out .. the fight ended abruptly in the 1min 30sec of the 1st round much to
everyone’s bewilderment as there was no strike nor submission that ended it but
a verbal tap out….I later found out was that Ali does not have the heart to go
on as Faizal was his student before. He was like a little brother to him which
he didn’t want to hurt.
Faizal (L) Ali (R)
Flyweight is Raziman ( Kuda Hitam)  vs Rajinus Sadah (Kinabalu Fighters).
Raziman wasted no time after the bell &
started aggressively with plenty of low kicks. Towards the middle of the round,
Rajinus counter with a barrage of punches but after a scuffle was taken down
& mounted by Raziman, & he dish out some good hammer fist…the round
ended with an choke attempt which was stop by the bell. 2nd round
saw Raziman mounted Rajinus again & rain him with continuos ground &
pound, which referee Michael Chong have seen enough & stop the fight.
Raziman is a raising  talent of coach
Antonio Batistessa from Sabah Top team. Hope to see Raziman continue to improve
& put on a good show in his next fight .
In Feather weight action, Rasidin ( Sabah Top Team) vs Cheong Peng Kit ( Team Karabaw ). 1st round started with couple
of feints as both fighters feel each other out. Eventually Rasidin got Cheong
on the fence which saw both fighters exchanging furious knees. Cheong delivered
a good right hand to Rasidin’s  jaw which
Rasidin counter by a take-down attempt …this pushes Cheong to the fence again .
A double leg take-down attempt by Rasidin was foiled by Cheong holding on the
fence with both hand, this is a fault & ref Andy gave Cheong a warning.
After restart Rasidin successfully mounted Cheong but Cheong manage to sweep
& went on top to Rasidin’s guard. With his long legs Rasidin executed a
triangle & threw some good punches from the bottom as the round end. 2nd
round saw Rasidin manage to throw Cheong on his back but ended up in Cheong’s
headlock. As Rasidin straighten up, an outside leg trip got him on top again.
They change position a few times. 3rd round . Mid round see barrage
of punches from both fighters, with Cheong throwing superman punch & few
wild haymakers
Didy & Chiko spices things up as ring girls in
between round. They are also magnet  for
fans that wants a picture with them, eye candy…yes but don’t be fooled as they
pack a mean punch too as both are trained fighters too.
More Fights
Lightweight fight… Lim Sze Shin (Kinabalu Fighters)
vs Terrence Bungkilin (Team Karabaw).
Terrence is a colourful fighter whom is
well supported by fans from Penampang. Terrence significant upper body strength
saw him able to control Lim from the start by easily swinging Lim around when
they got close. Terrence also have heavy hands & wing his punches with full
weight. After brief moment on the floor where both fighters exchange position
as they stand back up, Terrence looked gas out. But as one of his body control
swung Lim around Terrence push in with a nice wide left that catches Lim on the
tip of his head on right… as he falls Terrence right caught Lim again on the
face & ended the fight.

Another Lightweight  fight,  Gilbert Su (Team Karabaw) vs M.Danish (independent).
Gilbert started with heavy low kicks that Danish return with heavy punches winging
left & right that connected, as they clinch Danish tripped Gilbert down
& got side guard, he instantly rain punches on Gilbert with his left hand.
Amazingly Gilbert did not give up & able to climb up & manage to
exchange punches with Danish. A trip from Gilbert landed wrongly with Danish
got on top to side control again & move to mount…from there Danish dishes
out continuos punches…this time with his right hand. Took him more than 13
punches that ref Andy have seen enough & wave a stop to a TKO finish for
Danish. Looking good with 2 times ONE FC fighter – Marc the Borneon Tiger
Marcillinus in his corner, M.Danish is a serious contender in lightweight.

Welterweight fight Philemon John (HH Bounty) vs M.Shafiq(Dihnar MMA). Shafiq utilizes his
long limbs to the max. Executed a superman punch & follow by three
successive knees that downed Philemon. The winning submission came from an
outside trip & twist which he land his full body weight on Philemon…&
he tap upon landing. Looking at the way Philemon body was twisted he may have
injured his right knee MCL or ACL. That’s a very common injury in martial
arts  which have seen many top fighters
fall prey to such as George St Piere, Carlos Condit , Dominic Cruz…
Light heavyweight match of Hamid Ismail
(independent) vs Nicholas Sarigus (Team Karabaw).
Although this fight rouse the crowd up
as they shouted for more action, actually not much clean technique was executed,
only a couple of punches connected, but you can see Nicholas has full bad
intentions as he wind his arm before each punch. Hamid being the agile one have
more ring control & did well to get out of harms way most of the time to
get a decision win.
Female Action!
Only one female match saw action…which
is Fazdiana Farhana (Kinabalu Fighter) vs Sherry Bingku(Team Karabaw). The
other one saw the Fighting mom – Valerian Rosario (Sabah Top Team) win by
walkover Mardeana Maulana (Dihnar MMA). Fazdiana is 15 years old of mix
parentage Chinese father & Arabic mix from her mother. Going into 1st
round with a very focus stare, a trip ended with her on full mount & she
bombarded Sherry with numerous unanswered punches that ended by Michael Chong
calling it to a stop. Sherry does not look hurt & may recover Fazdiana’s
onslaught but in amateur fight safety of fighters is of priority so that
fighters will not be seriously hurt & live to fight another day.
Fazdiana with her family members
with her Coach Julian ( L )
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Heavyweight action : M.Shariff
(independent) vs Fahmi Sarto (Team Karabaw)
Great to see Fahmi as a
heavyweight throwing spinning kicks. Being the more agile & technically
skilled, Fahmi shot a few overhand that misses but he was able to control the
pace. A clean double leg take down from him to a mount enable him to rain
punches in bunches that won the fight. Hoping to see more action in the future
from Fahmi.

Here Comes the Main Cards!
As the night falls,… that’s when the
real battle begin.
Kevin Andrew (Borneo Tribal Squad) vs Jason Chalton (Team
was a fight destined for hard action & it certainly live up to the
crowds expectations. Both looking chiselled & fighting fit, Kevin was light
on his feet, after a few feints launch successive punch that press Jason to the
fence.  Jason return fire. One of his
punches connect clean that snap Kevin’s head back but the fierce exchange
continue to the middle. Kevin change to clinch Jason’s head for knees but Jason
grab his right knee & took him down.
In Kevin’s guard, Jason manage to
deliver punches to the body & head. As Kevin listened to his ONE FC
experience fighter & coach – AJ PYRO, he took deep breath & stayed
calm. He brought up his leg over Jason’s shoulder & attempt an armbar on
Jason’s right arm…but Jason went into attack mode with his left hand shooting
punches from top that landed clean. Kevin on survival mode hooked his hand over
Jason’s left leg & roll him over. Going to side control which then Jason
move him to full guard.
The round ended with Jason defending
well from the bottom position.
2nd round action saw Kevin
rushed in for a take-down but ended up in Jason’s guillotine choke. To get more
leverage Jason’s jump & wrap both his legs on Kevin’s waist. Kevin threw
him on the floor but Jason’s maintain the hold tightly. Trying to ease the
pressure, Kevin rolled & ended at bottom of Jason, as Jason move into full
mount, Kevin attempt to escape by turning & Jason got Kevin’s back &
slide in his right arm for a choke hold.
He lost hold & as both stand up,
Jason instantly wrap his arm behind Kevin’s neck again for a guillotine choke
& again jump & wrap his legs on Kevin’s body as they both drop to the
ground but this time the choke was deep… & resulted in Kevin tapping out.
Certainly an exhilarating match between
this two great athelete.
Congrats to Jason for winning FIGHT of
THE NIGHT.  For Kevin, watch out for more
action from  this young lad in future
Samuel Lai (Borneo Tribal Squad) vs Jeff
Andrew (Sabah Top Team) for Lightweight match.

Sam an accomplished grappler constantly was looking for a take down.
Jeff was cautious . Sam shoot in for a double leg but his momentum was impede
by the fence…this is the disadvantage for a grappler fighting in a small cage
as your push does not have enough distant to drop your opponent. Jeff managed
to push & exit with a huge right hand that shakes Sam. Sam went low looking
for take down, got a single…Jeff posture up & deliver a hard right hook
again that makes Sam backed off. As both stand back up, Sam patiently look for
an opening for take down. Upon AJ Pyro’s command, Sam shoots in but Jeff sees
it coming & again throws a right upon exit, Sam kept coming forward &
Jeff threw combinations to keep him at bay. A low kick by Jeff gave the leg to
Sam whom managed to get side control. Jeff tries to escape by rolling but gave
his back to Sam. Obviously a big mistake to do that for a grappler. Sam hook
his legs on Jeff hips but the bell rang, not giving Sam any time to work on a
2nd Round. Jeff’s strength is
clearly his punches but he didn’t use any offensive jabs. This gave Sam
opportunity for another successful double leg take down to a side mount.
Clearly Jeff’s inexperience on the ground does not give him many options. He
tries a hip escape but gave Sam full mount position & rain down punches
which Jeff wildly defend from the bottom. Seeing a defensive straight arm of
Jeff…Sam swoops in for an arm bar. Jeff does not give up easily & does not
let go of his arm…also uses his leg to disrupt Sam’s attempt to crank. Sam sat
up to full mount & again swung in another arm bar but Jeff again save by
the bell.
3rd round, Jeff look wary…anticipating
take down from Sam, which happen again after Sam grab his kick & drive him
to the fence. Again like before, Jeff manage to break out of it with a punch.
Both momentarily on their feet until Sam succeed with a single leg take down
again landed with a side mount, took Jeff’s back & peppered him with
punches. Jeff still looking to escape but ended with Sam on full mount & as
the 10 seconds mark sounded Sam up the ante & bombard Jeff with punches
till the round ended. This is clearly a fight where technique & patience
gave Sam the victory.

My personal favourite was featherweight
fight –  Douglas Dan (Team Karabaw) vs
Chang Choi Kian (Kinabalu Fighter).
Due to Chang’s resilience. In 1st
round he was bombarded by punches & knees but he weathered the storm &
survived . Chang then threw a front kick & followed by with a right jab
that connect , Douglas side step & went on attack mode again with
continuous left & right hands. Chang’s drop low for double leg but ended on
top in Douglas’s choke. As Doug hold on, Chang, like a machine shot down
punches after punches on Doug’s right abs till bell rang. 2nd round
start was a repeat of 1st round’s ending.  Chang shot for double leg again ended in
Doug’s choke hold & Chang mechanically threw punches on the abs.

3rd round, Doug look tired,
could not defend another take down. Chang took side control. All Doug could do
is hold on with double underhooks on Chang as Chang shot some short punch on
Doug’s head. Decision victory to Chang.
Fans Favourite
Karimov Ahmadjon (Gymbox) vs Effendy
Kalai (Kalai Boxing). 

This match was on every fans waiting list. I remembered
watching Karimov’s fight in JFL1, even from afar I can hear his punches snap
with loud bang. Going against Effendy , ex national boxer & an accomplished
martial artist that compete actively in boxing & muay thai
tournament,…this match was set for plenty of actions.

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Effendy starts with a crouch reminiscent
of Jon Jones. Karimov shot in with quick jab & lowered his head as Effendy
pushed him off, Karimov counter with a right hook that glance Effendy’s head.
Effendy threw a fast one two as Karimov
counter with a fast left hook which Effendy equally fast manage to avoid it.
Effendy again shot in with a triple combo, 2nd shot connect with 3
rd shot barely misses Karimov’s jaw. After some short exchange, Effendy swung
Karimov to the fence & press forward with underhooks. Karimov also working
for a double under eventually got it & reverse position. Effendy attempt a
choke but was pushed on to the floor but in full guard. Karimov showing
strength, carried him up & slam down on Effendy’s back. From under Effendy
hook on Karimov’s left leg & drop him back…almost into a knee bar as
Karimov roll to escape. Both tries to get up but Effendy press on. Karimov
holding on to a choke while Effendy’s tries to pry open his knees to a full
mount position.  Karimov lost grip on the
choke, Effendy press him on the floor using forearm & elbow on Karimov’s
neck & face. 1st round ends with round goes to Effendy.
2nd round, Effendy bait with
open arms. Karimov continue to circle around…He came in fast with a leading
jab & a right cross that Effendy avoided but Karimov side step to Effendy’s
back & swung him to the fence. Effendy reverse to the other side of the
cage & press on using his forearm on Karimov’s neck. Karimov manoeuvre to
underhooks & reverse the position, they went to center &
Karimov pushes Effendy to the cage . Looking for a double leg he lifted
Effendy to the center & slamdown. Effendy grimaces in pain & tap out. Later it was revealed that he was in a daze after the slam & in his mind safety was utmost as he has another upcoming fight in KL
Matt Pelino ( MIMMA’s voice ) from the
US now coaching at Gymbox, Kuching…Karimov’s training ground must have pass
on very effective wrestling techniques that gave Karimov the wrestling
advantage for this win.
Karimov ( C ) with his coach Matt Pelino ( L ) & team mate Jace Law
The Kalai Brothers

M.Sharil Masidin (Keningau MMA) vs Eddy
Kalai (Kalai Boxing).

Sharil in this match was a game opponent against an accomplished boxer & muay thai specialist in Eddy. Sharil avoiding Eddy’s
punch shot for a take down, Eddy avoided & swung him to the fence, but
Sharil was persistent. He hold on Eddy’s hip & manage to swung Eddy on the
ground. Eventually Sharil got into Eddy’s choke from bottom position. Sharil
was active, he escape Eddy’s guard & took side control & threw knees to
Eddy’s right ribs, Eddy rolled & got on top. Sharil, still active on the
ground tries to hip escape. Eddy put his weight down & attempt for a
kimura. Sharil tries to escape but gave his back to Eddy whom hook in his legs
on the hips of his opponent & sunk in a rear naked choke deep enough to end the fight.

JFL 2 presented some nice match up, but
lots of fights was called off as many fighters was injured & some not
willing to step up. I wanted to see Adrian Tham (ex MIMMA 1 Heavyweight Champ )
in action, but his opponent did not turn up. Jace Law – Gymbox, Val Rosario –
Sabah Top Team & Wun Yit Wui -NOMAD also didn’t break a sweat.
Kudos to Rayner Kinsiong ( JFL founder )
& team that have put up a great event. Rayner wanted JFL to be the region’s
leading amateur tournament to unearth local talents & it seems he’s on a
right track. Rayner runs Karabaw gym in 88 Market Place in Kepayan &
Karabaw has mushroom into few branches outside KK area. JFL fits in well with
local MMA scene. MIMMA is building up as the best MMA amateur tournament in
Asia if not the world, which JFL can certainly sharpen up fighters that can be
successful there.
JFL’s founder Rayner Kinsiong
For those who miss out on JFL 2015: The Ladder Match, DVD is
available at LadyBugBridal & Photography in Jalan Tuaran.
I’m hoping to see live rock band in
future events to play at interval or doing the walk out songs for fighters.
This way can bring in music fans & expose to bigger crowd. And also truss
set up & spot lights, as what they did in D1 Fighting Championship that
really create a BIG event atmosphere. For this JFL need more support, so do
spread the words & come in drove for the next event at April 4th
for JFL 3! Tickets now on sale  ( 012-8851368
for more infor )