Effendey Kalai, the brother of Ex National boxer Eddey Kalai has been groom by Eddey to be the next MMA champ. Giving him good base in boxing, Effendey also picked up MuayThai. He’s has been active in Jesselton Fight League, F3 Full Contact and also D1FC. 

In 2014 Effendey’s journey was stopped at Semi Finals. This year Effendey currently ride a 3 fight winning streak. In the semis he won by unanimous decision over Joshua Khiew of Penang, MIMMA season 2 finalist.
With 2013 & 2014 Bantamweight Champ Prabu Somanaidu turning pro this year, the belt is up for grabs between Effendey and Tee Jac Yoe of Johor whom has collected two TKO enroute to the Grand Finals.

What’s your age this year Fendey?
I’m 25

How do you feel qualifying for the Grand Finals?
Certainly is a blessing, excited and happy. My goal for the belt is getting closer

Where do you work now? You use to be in the Malaysian Navy?
Yes , but I’ve stopped. I now teach full time as a coach in Elitze MMA Fitness Academy

Tell us a bit on your coaching job?
Alhamdulillah all is smooth, after I stopped my navy service, I got this offer from Elitze, all through Abang Ayob of POTOSAN CORNER
who helped me look for this job. He introduce me to Master Andy Teh, founder of Elitze.

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What’s the strategy for facing Tee?
Well my game plan…I’m not going to rush this. I believe my punch will be able to land. Will look for opening & work for a KO finish.
I realize he’s ground game is good, but we’ll see…hehehe

Your fight record?
As of today 10-3-0

How was the experience training at Tiger Muay Thai ?
Well, personally I felt there’s not much difference, I’ve been doing the same type of training all along.
What about training difference , in West Malaysia & Sabah?
To me each training program have their own benefits. It doesn’t matter where you train, be it Philipines, Thailand or US,

If your heart has the best of intention and you have a goal, wherever you train, you will reep the benefits. If you do it just for fun, I guess you’ll end up at Phuket beach more…hehe

Which of your fights is the toughest?
I would say Joshua Khiew in the semis, I won by decision. He was the finalist in 2014.

Which coach has the biggest influence on you?
Non other than my own elder brother, Eddey Kalai , he’s a ex national boxer and reach the semi finals this year.
My father Kalai Mohamad also is my biggest fan, always there to give me support

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What do you think of your grappling vs Tee?
50/50 on groundgame.

Who gives you the motivation to fight ?
My brother Eddey Kalai taught me a lot on boxing and is my chief strategist.
Master Andy Teh. He taught me a lot on MMA

You married?
Nope, still single.

What do you do to unwind?
Hanging out with my family in KL…and go out dating,..hahaha.

What type of music you listen to?
I like Islamic songs and some slow relaxing music

What do you think of MIMMA3?

Compare to previous years, it has improve tremendously. Fighters also has more exposure and has prepared well. Some of them has been preparing since season2.

I felt lots of last year’s Bantamweight fighters went down to Flyweight. And of course the Featherweight went down to Bantamweight now.

What do you miss most of home in Sandakan Sabah ?

My late mother’s cooking….”Serunding ikan kayu!” ( fish floss )

So, any message for Tee?
I won’t talk much….I’m gonna proof it in the cage!