Full Metal Dojo held its first event for 2019, but this time it’s presented as MAD NUTT Fury Soi. Held in Insanity Nightclub on 31 Aug 2019. MAD NUTT Fury Soi is a clever play on the name MAD Max Fury Road, Jon Nutt being the founder and head honcho for this and Soi means street or road in Thai. Jon being a fans of 80s action movies always had a theme for his event, which has made FMD a unique combat sports event that has a cult following.

Where else can you get a fight event that started with everyone standing still in respect as Jon Nutt sang the Thai Royal anthem in Thai, having security personnel that wears leather face mask, ring girls that looks like they belong to a Quentin Tarantino flick, referee with face paint on. The club setting enable crowds gets to feel the action much closer as they hear the grunt of the fighters and the impact of each strike clearer and bone clashing, perhaps even get a little splash of sweat and blood if you are close enough.

Even though MAD Nutt is a FMD spin off event, there was many preview video to hype up the bouts. See some of it here:


Can you imagine Bangkok as an irradiated barren wasteland? Where Tuk-Tuk gangs raid & pillage with Impunity. Where even durian can't mask the stench of desolation.The few and desperate still left live by one rule: SurvivalBut the mighty Thrive by another: COMBATDeep beneath the dust and ruins, this hallowed chant can be heard:Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves! TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES!*or Women…The apocalypse doesn't discriminate ^_^

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The future is now. A post Apocalyptic world run by savages who only think about having parties and loads of Fun. In this Lawless heartland of Smiles there is one place where everyone joins together in celebration of togetherness… Through Shots to the Face! Bangkok-Town and the Insanity Thunderdome (Insanity Nightclub) where the rules are simple, Two men enter, One Man leaves. This is the Capital of Combat Sports and of a New Full Metal Experience.Witness it Live on Saturday August 31st. MAD Nutt's FURY SOIFMD… The Last of the V8 Interceptors, and a Party!Get your tickets NOW!

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FMD17 Hide walkout

Enter Hide-San! of Yorky MMA and Shingi Dojo in Bangkok, Thailand, you should Go There. This gentle giant who wears a constant smile made his presence known with fantastic cardio and thunderous knees… to the head. (Video coming Soon) But for now check out the Big Boy as he lines up Sushi Rolls at Shakariki 432 before getting the call to Throw Down. Big Ups!!

Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Rabu, 4 September 2019
FMD17 Stan Gief walkout

Enter the Pain Train from the Ukraine Stangief! of Stangief MMA and Dojo from Stangief-Land, Thailand, you should Go There. This walking machine of pain and suffering made his presence known with hooks to the body and brutal uppercuts… to the Face. (Video coming Soon) But for now check out the Real Life Street Fighters walkout as he reps Celebrity Ink and Dwyers Pre Game Time. Man’s Man style like a Terminator. Booyakasha!

Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Rabu, 4 September 2019

Originally MAD Nutt Fury Soi had 9 fights on the card, but a few withdrawal saw 7 bouts contested.

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Below is the full results:

Fight 1 Pro MMA : Sim Kai Xiong defeated Ko Aung by RNC at 1:42 of Round 1. Ref : Kim Lee Tan.

FMD17-1 Ko Aung VS Sim Kai Xiong

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOIKo Ko Aung from TEAM PT VSSim Kai Xiong from Team Highlight ReelDevelopment is one of the fundamentals of the most Awesome Dojo on the Planet. Growth! And making sure our fighters Evolve like X-Men, from Ammy, to Debut, to seasoned Pro, to The Baddest Master Blaster in the Combat Sports Universe. So we started Mad Nutt’s Fury Soi with some Strong Grass Roots Fighters. Powered by Dwyers it’s About to be Game Time!! FMD… We’re Artists who dish out Shots to the Face. Bangkok Thailand, you should Go There.

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This is both fighter’s pro MMA debut. Ko Aung has superior striking experience being a Lethwei fighter, but Sim’s grappling skills nullify all that advantage as he dominate the fight on the ground. From a perfect double leg take down to side control and progress to take the back for the rear naked choke finish. Sim is only 22 is currently studying at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, year 2 in Sports Science and Management, but Sim has his eyes on gold and wants to go to the highest level possible for his MMA career.

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Fight 2 Pro MMA : Thanthanuth Red Dragon defeated Seksun June MZM via TKO at 3:19 of Round 1. Ref : Adam Kayoom.

FMD17-2 June MZM VS Red Dragon

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOISeksun Seedakeaw from MZM Academy VSThanthanuth Tunkamhaeng from Olympus Tattoo TeamThe most awesome Dojo on the Planet Rocked the Universe again. With a focus on growing the grassroots we look to expand the game on all levels. From low to high. Either way, it’s always a Fun time. Make sure you check out all of the Action, Fun, and Games on our FMD YouTube page and give us a Go Time on social media. That way you too!! Can truly Support the Sport. FMD… MMA and a Party!

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‘Red Dragon’ uses his 7 fights pro MMA experience to win with ground and pound on Seksun whom is debuting as a pro. Please some brand out there, sponsor these two proper fight shorts. Commentator got confused for a short while as both fighters wear red glove, only the tape colour was different. Would be nice to have the glove in different colour too as both fighters are full of tattoo looks similar skin wise.

Fight 3 Amateur MMA : Anisha Khadka defeated Meridith Wenrich via TKO at 2:05 of Round 1. Ref : Kim Lee Tan.

FMD17-3 Meredith Wenrich VS Anisha Khadka

MAD NUTTS FURY SOIMeredith Wenrich from Chiang Mai Fight Fit Muay Thai VSAnisha Khadka from Fairtex Training CenterBangkok is the place where the toughest people on the planet square off. The original Fight Capital of the Planet. You should go there. And Now! The Ladies are in the Insanity Thunderdome for 3x3min rounds of FMD Action! And the ladies are looking for Liver Shots. Take a look! And next time, Witness it Live. Let’s get up and Let’s get ILL fight fans and party people. It’s Game Time.

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Nepalese Anisha first fight but she does not fight like a newbie. Exerting her domination with good ground game, mounted Meridith to shower down ground and pound for the win. As for this fight, the Diesel Diva rash guard wear by both is exactly the same. In my opinion Diesel Diva should have sponsor different colour /design to showcase their product more.

Fight 4 Amateur MMA : Alex Munro defeated Bryson Collins via TKO at 2:01 of Round 1. Ref : Adam Kayoom.

FMD17-4 Alex Munro VS Bryson Dean Collins

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOIAlex Munro from Bangkok Fight Lab VSBryson Dean Collins from DNA​ Thailand.​The Most Awesome Dojo on the Planet just got even more Awesome, how you ask?! By having BDC, Bryson Dean Collins take on the gentleman that is Alex Munro. These two rock’n rollers are on the same level, looking to see who can Level Up! Check out all the Action from Fury Soi on the FMD YouTube channel. And witness this fight live now. Bangkok Thailand… You should Go There.

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An exciting bouts as both were aggressive and goes for the kill. English teacher Alex with his Muaythai experience got a good clinch and threw a couple of knees to Bryson’s right rib. The fourth one was the killer move as it drop Bryson & ref stepped in to stop the fight. Westerner always says we Asian looks the same, but I think Alex looks like Al Iaquinta…and they are both from New York!

Fight 5 Pro MMA : Hidetaka Arato defeated Stan Gief via TKO at 3:01 of Round 2. Ref : Kim Lee Tan.

FMD17-5 Stan Gief VS Hidetaka Arato

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOI: FIGHT OF THE NIGHTStan Gief from Stan Gief Dojo VSHidetaka Arato from YORKY Mixed Martial Arts and Zendokai Shingi Dojo Karate-MMA Muaythai JujitsuGreat glorious shots to the face…. The real life Street Fighter matchup on the Fury Soi did not disappoint!! As the big boys left it all in the Dojo. Check out the match up that stole the show and lead to a Diesel Diva Fight of the Night performance. This one blew the roof of the Insanity Thunderdome and made the Master Blasters of Bangkok, very happy.

Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Selasa, 3 September 2019

One of highly anticipated fight dubbed as Street Fighter’s Sangief vs E-Honda. Both debut as a pro here but in FMD rules where knees to down opponent, 12 to 6 elbow and soccer kick are allowed. Stan Gief came in for the kill with flurry of punches. Hidetaka ate many good shots, he seems to like it and came forward for more. “What do I need to do more to KO this fella?” this must have gone through Stan Gief’s mind. As Stan Gief looses steam, it was Hidetaka’s time as he connect with a few good shots. The last 2 minute of round 1 was spend with Hidetaka with side control giving his all trying to put away Stan Gief, but Stan Gief survived by the bell.

In round 2 again Hidetaka was on top, this time in crucifix position. He must have landed more than 20 short elbows on Stan Gief’s left temple. Stan absorbed another 20 or so knees on the right side of the head! Ref seen more than enough and stepped in to stop the assault. I think Stan head is made of Vibranium, he didn’t pass out, still able to sit up right after fight was stop.

Never doubt a fighter with dad bods. At 31 year old Hidetaka, a black belt in judo with a judo record of 48-13 lives in Bangkok Thailand and is one of the owners of the infamous Japanese restaurant chain Shakariki 432.

Fight 6 Pro MMA : Setthawut Benz defeated Vinod Dave Greywal via KO at 1:51 of Round 1. Ref : Adam Kayoom.

FMD17-6 Setthawut Benz Naimthanom VS Dave Vinod Greywal

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOISetthawut Naimthanom from YORKY Mixed Martial Arts VSVinod Dave Greywal from UFC Gym Việt NamThe Crowd Erupted like a Volcano with a Nuclear Bomb in it, when these two young bucks clashed their horns. The Cookie Monster always shows heart and guts, but that’s sometimes not enough when getting hit by a Mercedes… Benz! The rising Thai MMA Super Mega Star showed power in the punches in bunches. And it was very entertaining. Check it out now!!

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Vinod enters FMD cage for the 2nd time and we’ve seen how much heart he has in his last FMD fight vs Javier Trujilo. This time going against Benz of Yorky MMA, it was Vinod with the cage pressure in the first minute. Until they separated and Benz let’s his hands go to end the fight.

Benz is only 22, but already holds an impressive 17-1 amateur record and 4-0 Muay Thai Record. He was also MFC MMA tournament champion & now improved his pro MMA record to 2-1. His coach Nicholas Lee believe this young kid is going to be Thailand’s breakout MMA star and a potential to be Thailand’s future world champion in MMA.

Fight 7 Pro MMA : Javier Trujillo defeated Mustafa Radi via UNANIMOUS DECISION. Ref : Kim Lee Tan

FMD17-7 Javier Trujillo VS Mostafa Radi

MAD NUTT'S FURY SOI: MAIN EVENTJavier Trujillo from Team Quest Thailand Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand VSMostafa Ibrahim Radi from Monarchy MMA GymFull Metal Mayhem is the only way to describe the epic main event of Mad Nutt’s Fury Soi! Mostafa truly brought the pain, but in the end it was Javier who had his hand raised. There are no losers in this Dojo. But as the saying goes. Two men enter. One man leaves. Now feast your eyes on what’s sure to be a Bangkok Crushing Classic.

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With 6 finishes in all the early fights, expectation for the main card to not go the distance was high. But both this two elite fighters are tough to finish.

In Round 1, Javier got Mustafa in a kimura, but Mustafa survived. Round 2 saw a very tight triangle by Mustafa that locked on for more than 2 minute but Javier amazingly survived it. But it took so much out of him, he looked like a dead man walking back to his corner.

Both fighters were like zombie in round 3. Movement slowed down a few notch as both were exhausted. But Javier succeeded in a single leg take down and a few knees & elbow seals the fight in his favour.

With 70% of the fights ended in round 1, gives crowd plenty of time to party & enjoyed the rest of the night with plenty of drinks, music & dance. Could this be a pre-event for a full fledge FMD event soon before 2019 ends? We still have a few months to go so keep yourself tune in to FMD Facebook for updates.

Fight pictures by: Singapore Maven, Pugil Pix, Martial Arts Thailand, and The Clinch Report